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pony's iPad on zagg folio

So, the Zagg Folio, Solo, and Invisibleshield arrived yesterday. I opened the package before the husband came home, so that I could take photos of the long awaited purchases.

The Folio is sleek and and stylish. The husband is loving his new toy, but is quick to ask, ‘so, when is the redesigned replacement arriving, this clasp doesn’t close properly’. Apart from that minor problem, everything works perfectly.

It’s probably the guy’s thing, you know, to display the supposedly more superior intellect when it comes to gadgets and technology. The body language tells it all. Heads up, chest forward, with an affirmed tone to the voice, he said, ‘Do you know what is carbon fiber? Do you know how it is made?’. Yes sir, I have looked up on carbon fiber, but yes, you may go ahead and educate me further.

It could be just me and my bad luck. The invisibleshield that I installed on my iPad 2 has a bunch of bubbles, which I am convinced that they will disappear after a few days. I did my homework and watched the video tutorial before installing the shield.

Decorative Line on the Invisibleshield

I am not as bothered about the bubbles than I am about the reflective fine line on the screen.

Decorative Line on the Invisibleshield

The bubbles should disappear after a few days, when the water evaporates – could be longer in humid countries since the water is ‘trapped’ in the bubbles. The fine line doesn’t seem like it’s going away though. It really looks like a defective line instead.

This is the thing. I am very anal about stains, fingerprints, and marks on the screen. Ask anyone who worked with me in previous employments, I got really upset when someone touches my monitor with their fingers. I only clean my monitor with lint free cloth.

I don’t know how this doesn’t bother others, it bugs me a great deal. 😛 I have written to Zagg about this problem, and hopefully they are able to provide an explanation and solution to this. Other than that, the shield is really great, because it reduces fingerprints on touches. Even if it does catches some fingerprints, it’s a lot easier to clean them off.

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