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Earn or Suffer Karmic Effects in Ten, Hundred, Thousand or more folds

What shall I pen on the piggy journal? Decision decision...

Patience is virtue; it’s not always an innate quality at birth, for many of us, it’s acquired with age.

I have been wondering what to pen in this Piggy Journal that I asked the husband to buy a month ago from The Artisan Loft – at Coronation Plaza, level 2.

Many a times, epiphany – in the non-religious context, just to be clear – ravel out of nowhere, before us in the most unexpected moment. The light-bulb moment comes that I will write impromptu theories, regardless of the oddness.

First topic: About Karma; earn it or suffer it, split second decision based on the kind or evil thoughts.

So, the first topic discussed (yes, possibly with the husband first, then the details developed with my plush meow who never talks back!) – About Karma…

It may be a highly controversial and debatable subject, but really, I believe it’s human kind that complicate matter and simple fact.

Good karma, or bad karma, depends on a split second decision.

The Jobs 

There are some ‘careers’ that have the multiplying ability in karmic effects. It comes with the ‘job’, like a package. Thread very carefully if you are in one of these positions. Either you seize the opportunity to hit the ‘jackpot’ of fantastic karma; or fall into the hell-hole of darkest karma returns.

The positions are Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Workers, Political Leaders, Fengshui Practitioners or equivalent, Teachers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, or any other work that has immediate life impacting influence.

Hereinafter, I would address these people as ‘servants’ since they serve in order to be served. Social titles and accreditation mean nothing in the cycle of Karma; it is measured by the work done, not the useless titles the people engraved onto their egos.

These people are honored with a job to serve, and to help others. They have an immediate influence on how people live, think, and behave. It’s a thin line to walk on.

When done with the purest intention, a person achieves ‘lightness’ and feels good – the natural ‘high’ without substance abuse, the natural reward of doing good and bringing good.

When done with hidden agenda of self-interest, pride and ego inflating purpose, a person sets himself up for a slap in the face, in the most unimaginable way. A slap that may prove fatal, sometimes.

The Effects & Reasonings

The Karmic ‘package’ comes in ten, hundred, thousand or more folds with each action taken by these ‘servants’.

1. The scale of influence on people determines the affecting impacts made on people; which in turn determines the scale of folds in karmic returns.

2. These ‘jobs’ encompass highest responsibilities, morals, and ethics. They have the direct and immediate impact on people of contact. Almost like a belief system intervention, the servants are highly capable of altering a person’s entire belief system and behavioral patterns.

Easy Choice

As ‘dangerous’ as it may sound, it should be an easy choice.

CHOOSE to do good, and purely good, always.

‘Good’ doesn’t mean charitable or free service, but the will to perform simple pure good. It doesn’t do any good if the servants starve. The basic needs must always be met, and it is no crime to earn a high income out of what you could do. Those are materials satisfaction; in this topic, we are centering the focus on spiritual elevation, regardless of the material gains.


Why is it easy? It may not be easy for a seasoned liar – the theory stands that everyone lies; by ‘everyone’, I mean regular everyone without special conditions – at first, but like any habit, practice makes perfect.

At first, it is a deliberate cognitive effort, to fend off the temptation to ‘lie’ – white lies, pink lies, any lie is lie – and make a conscious effort to decide against lying.

Dishonesty is an act, not the definition of lies. Lies are just part of dishonesty. Dishonesty can be resulted by just the intent to mislead someone away from the truth. By not lying, doesn’t clear you from dishonesty. With today’s situation, everyone has some knowledge in psychology, everyone is equipped with the capability to manipulate.

Human kind complicates matters. Say A, if it’s A, period. We tend to talk about B, C, Z, F, and everything else only to manipulate the other person to assume full responsibility of finally knowing it’s A. Then, we will say, ‘you said it, I didn’t’. Familiar?

After a while, it comes natural. Just be honest and truthful.


Karma is not a fear factor, or scare tactic. Karma can be rewarding, just that you should not harbor the greed of obtaining karma for the sake of it, but to know that as you do good unto others, it returns unto you. Learn to enjoy the simple bliss of being ‘able’.

The fine line lies with the intention, not the outcome. Say, if you have the kindest intention, but the external factors which are beyond your control, resulted in an undesirable outcome, you may continue to try to right it, but know that your kind intention has already got you a star in your personal karma book.

Karma, if doesn’t arrive now, doesn’t mean it’s not already received. Karma doesn’t rationalize with your expectation.

Simplify, and if it’s still not simplified, simplify more. Count your simple blessing that you might have escaped a fall; that you continue to breath; that you have food that doesn’t make you sick; that you have all you need to be here ‘now’. Karma is a sharing spirit. Good karma may greet you in different form, say, our folks recover from an illness, our children enjoy good health and happy etc. Don’t expect, just appreciate.

Bad karma is unlikely to be missed. We would normally avoid thinking of the bad things, so when it comes, it is hard to miss. Be cautioned, if karma doesn’t get to you now, it could mean it is just waiting for the perfect timing to hit you at the hardest.

I can’t say for sure if we are able to ‘balance’ out the good and bad deeds; but I choose to believe that we could continue to do good, for the simple sake of wanting to do good. Be truly repentant, and not trying to just right the fault. Sadly but truly, some faults cannot be righted, but there is always hope that continued efforts to mend our ways may bring good karma to the ones we love and care about. If not for yourself, do good for the people whom you care deeply for.

Simple Act of Kindness

Kindness may not always cross the path with money contribution. We may be poor, but we can be wealthy in pure kindness. Nurture a heart of gold.

Say, if you help an old woman with her heavy bag, do it with simple pure intention. It must be her good karma returning to her, to have met you; by genuinely wishing you well, she is also accumulating another  point to her good karma book. Simple act, simple thought.

Last Words

Oh well, now this explains why I have such gripe against unethical ‘servants’. They are supposed to know their responsibilities. I have near zero tolerance for complacent and self-conceited ‘servants’.

A true master is one who humbles himself even when he reaches the summit. He humbly learns from the child at the market, he gladly addresses the child as the Zen Master. He is aware that learning is continual and endless. He is never too full of himself, and embraces humility as he continues this spiritual elevation journey.

The first cord is struck in marking the beginning of the end of a spiritual journey, when we foolishly think we know everything and assume supremacy.

Finally, I learn, and I am learning, and during the course of learning, I have my own theories that may not sit right with you. Take it as a reference from an assignment of a student, who has a view of her own, with no discrimination.

Always know that I had wished to be smart, but my candor precedes my wish. I am never smart, and I am incapable of hidden agenda, since I consider that useless and waste of time. If I want to know something, I ask, when I ask, I ask plainly, it would be silly to assume otherwise and waste your time and effort to work around a simple question.

Also, I am not religious, do not write back to me about a bunch of stuffs that I don’t care for, and I am (again) saying this plainly just so you don’t waste your time.

So, are you ready to earn some good karma in this festive and Christmassy period!

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