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The Lemonade Diet – Master Cleanse

I have been having strange regular outbursts of skin disorder – which I believe is Eczema – since I returned from Chiang Mai vacation. The first occurrence was in Chiang Mai.

My sister emailed a bunch of information regarding ‘Master Cleanse’. I have been swamped with work, so I wasn’t interested in reading up the many pages of info-sheet.

The skin disorder continued to haunt me, and appeared to be time triggered. Odd looking red streaks appeared on palm, fingers web, fingers, sole, or toes. Before I knew it, the red streaks begin to spread and result in unbearable itch. (I read somewhere that itch was used as a form of torture in the interrogation process, no kidding, I will TELL you anything and everything!)

In the midst of overly busy schedule, I resorted to the unthinkably unusual move. I ordered the Master Cleanse kit online with only the minimum knowledge about this program. I had even disregarded the primary concern about citrus fruit. See, I also suffer from a nagging reflux condition, and I had avoid all citrus fruits, including tomatoes which is known to be a trigger to reflux.

As I blog, I am on my 8th Day into the program, and I am happy to announce that I am experiencing many health benefits.

Day 1 & 2: Pounding headaches, stiff and aching shoulder (wasn’t able to life my left shoulder much)
Day 3 & 4: Aching joints but mostly felt on my back (degenerative disc disease)
Day 5: Things are looking up
Day 6: Noticeable skin complexion improvements – lightened marks/pigmentation, and tightened pores (even the husband notices it); the rare hungry pang in the evening, good news is that I persevered and didn’t cheat
Day 7:  Noticed my eyesight improves. I have undergone lasik eyesight correction surgery some 10 years ago. I used the block number across my building as a mark to gauge the eyesight adjustment after the surgery. I achieved near to perfect eyesight, but back then, astigmatism could not be corrected. The recent 2 years have seen a dip in my eyesight, perhaps caused by prolonged use of computer. On Day 7 into the program, I looked at the block number and noticed that the block number was crisp and sharp! It wasn’t even a clear sunny day, it had been raining the whole day. Most lasik patients suffer the side effect of ‘halo’ vision in dimmed lighting. The husband compliments on the improved skin again in the evening.
Day 8: Can’t say for sure now, I am on the day 8!

My skin disorder is however, not quite treated. On Sunday, when I ‘graduate’ from this 10-Day program, I might not graduate with honors, that’s for sure! The rash and itch on hands and legs continue to haunt me on alternate nights, so I had to take Antihistamine to deal with that. In my experiences, the itch and rash do not go away on their own, after many hours later. Trust me, it is not bearable.

For today, I will research lightly on the recipe for vegetable soup to ease out of the program, and make a list in the wunderlist for the husband to buy the ingredients.

I am quite happy with the results, although my key concern was to treat my skin disorder condition, I am happy with the bonuses good results!

My back doesn’t hurt so much now – note that it’s a chronic condition, so it is only reasonable not to expect miracle to cure the disease – and I am definitely happy with a clearer complexion and improved eyesight. The amazing thing is the energy level! I don’t need a coffee to pick-me-up, and I feel quite refreshed and energized throughout the day! I believe I would quit coffee and probably go for decaf for the sake of the taste of coffee.

Some people I know reported that they lost 20 pounds by the 8th day of the program. I can’t know for sure, since I did not take my weight. I do feel the shorts feel looser though. I am not too concerned about the weight loss, as I believe that it’s only temporary.

Now that I know my system can take citrus fruit this way, I would probably incorporate the lemonade into my daily diet, probably to substitute lunch with this. I can definitely use some Vitamin C to boost my immune system. I fall sick quite easily, it explains a lot, since I have exclude most of the Vitamin C food products in my diet.

Reference: How I prepare my lemonade concentrate, other useful information are included towards the end of the post.

(I have been keeping notes on my journal, will blog them up with details of observation once the program is complete)

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  1. June 25, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    It is truly astounding how rewarding a detox can be. It can be a struggle at first, but the benefits outweigh the cons in the end.

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