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Airfried Prawns – Room for Improvement

Breakfast - airfried prawns (fail)

Airfried prawns: improvements/adjustments to be made

Breakfast - sliced garlic

Since I planned to cook the prawns with the airfryer, I sliced the garlic instead of chopping them into bits. That is just so that the garlic doesn’t slip through the netted bowl – making the post-cooking wash more tedious, and also likely to result in burnt garlic bits before the prawns are cooked.

Breakfast - prawns

What I did:
Peeled the shells off the prawns and removed the intestine tracts

What I SHOULD have done:
1. Get bigger and fresher prawns
2. Just snip the top portion of the heads
3. Leave the shells on
7. Slit the back with sharp knife, enough to remove the intestine tracts (and also to absorb condiments)

Breakfast - Extra light olive oil for cooking

I only cook with olive oil, not only that it’s healthier, but I also find that it doesn’t stick to the utensils as badly as other cooking oil such as sunflower seed oil or corn oil.

Since prawns are oil-free on their own, it’s necessary to add the olive oil to the prawns before putting into airfryer. I added 1 tablespoon of olive oil to prawns.

Breakfast - top grade soy sauce, mum's newest favorite

Add soy sauce (amount depends on how much/big your prawns is).

Breakfast - mix them up

Add the sliced garlic and mix them well.

If I were to use shelled prawns, I would probably leave the mixed ingredient for 10-20 minutes.

Breakfast - in the airfryer

The netted bowl is detachable from the frying sink, so I detached the netted bowl and brought to the wash basin and empty the prawns into the airfryer’s net.

That is to minimize the excess liquid from the prawns dripping into the frying sink (which will make post-cooking wash more difficult).

Spread the prawns and try to distribute the garlic evenly on the prawns.

Breakfast - airfrying

I set the temperature to 180deg, and set to 10-11 minutes.

What I SHOULD have done:
Peeled prawns will require very short cooking time, especially that the prawns are small-medium size, 6-8 minutes should suffice.

However, like I mentioned earlier, cooking peeled prawns in airfryer is less than ideal.

Ideally, we should cook using shelled prawns, so that the flesh remains succulent while the shell ‘grilled’ to a nice flavor.

Breakfast - stir

I checked and moved the prawns a little, half-way through cooking, just to be sure that they were not stacked.

So, the prawns kind of fail. The prawns were too small and the long cooking time resulted in dry and hard prawns.

I’ll try the giant prawns with shells on, the next time, and I’d probably won’t get the husband to try. He is super particular with freshness when it comes to seafood. This batch of prawns weren’t exactly as fresh as I would hope.

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