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I see RED, every night

I have been on the photo-journal for the eczema outbursts. I store them in SugarSync so that I can show these to the doctor. See, the problem with the eczema is that it is leaning towards the vampirism. So, we can safely name this as twilight rash?

They only happen after sunset. Some nights are worse than others. When the first symptoms of red streaks or patches surface, I have to pop one zyrtec to prevent the spreading and super flaring up.

If I don’t, it usually results in painful swell and unbearable itch.

I don’t think it’s contact dermatitis that the first doctor diagnosed. See, I wasn’t doing anything different than earlier when it attacks. However, I think I might be allergic to dust. I have always been, but the reaction had been subtle. I rashed up when I perspire, but never this bad.

I would consider this chronic, and this is going on since my trip in Chiang Mai, so I am most likely to consult the doctor at the Polyclinic (public medical care) and order some tests. The insurance doesn’t cover outpatient, so it would be really expensive to have the tests run as private patients in specialist’s care.

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