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Review on Philips AirFryer

AirFryer for Mother's Day - 2012

So, I had thought about getting the Philips Airfryer for the mother. My mother doesn’t really make it a difficult task to pick up hints on her ‘desire’ though.

Mother’s Day is approaching – I have been suspecting that time has been playing truant on me for a bit, I cannot be having not enough time all the time right? – so I decide to rope my sister in for this gift for the mother. I later found out that my sister had planned to buy the same fryer for the mother too. My guess, around the same time the mother ‘not-too-subtly’ dropped the hints! hahaha!

2012 Mother’s Day falls on 13 May, which is also my sister’s daughter, Michelle’s birthday. I suppose she has much to spend for the occasion too, so it’s better to spread the cost across a longer time frame.

One thing leads to another, as always, I ordered this fryer from an online seller – SuddenlyKing at SGD335 with delivery (take SGD10 off the price tag for self-collection). I was told later by a friend that Carreffour is having a sale at SGD299 for the same item. I have to say that there is no pain, if not the slightest undetectable pinch. I still have very tight schedule to work my orders, so I would probably spend the possible savings on taxi fares to/fro, and the loss of production time is definitely costing more.

AirFryer for Mother's Day - 2012

I am very pleased with the exceptional service from the seller. My cell hasn’t been working properly, aside, I really don’t like phones. We communicated through emails and the delivery was made last night, at around 10pm. I reckon the young owners of this business work terribly hard since it was a Saturday and they were delivering till midnight!

Not much surprise for the mother. I told her that I was getting it for her, and that she should expect the fryer to arrive last night. She was really excited, and thrilled when the fryer arrived!

Fry-tesing the Ngoh Hiang

I was cooking vegetable soup this morning, and mum woke at around 9:30am. She came straight to the kitchen with the removable basket tray of the fryer. She rinsed and washed it, and took out the Ngoh Hiang from the fridge.

Like a child, she experimented the new toy with much delight. (Delight is an understatement, it’s just warming up…)

AirFryer for Mother's Day - 2012

It is important to note that you should not release the button when moving the basket out, it will detach the small basket from the larger basket that are stacked together. When that happens, the large basket at the bottom may fall and crack.

AirFryer for Mother's Day - 2012

The little guide on the fryer.

Ready to airfry

We, I mean mum, cuts the Ngoh Hiang into smaller sections and place them in the basket.

Set, wait, mum gets ecstatic

Since the food is cold from fridge, I tuned the temperature to 200deg and turned the timer to 15 minutes.

Half-time into 15mins of frying

The excited mum hit the euphoria of craziness when I pulled out the basket half-time into the frying. The food seemed to be browning just fine, and we didn’t toss or shake the food, since they were not overlapped or stacked.

The super excited mum went to the living and suddenly we heard YELLING, yes, YELLING. Not yelling for help or anything, if that crossed your mind. She was on the phone with her sister, and she was raving – very loudly – about her new fryer. The first line was ‘I BOUGHT THE FRYER ALREADY!’.

The husband was in the kitchen with me, so we looked at each other, he muttered ‘She DIDN’T buy it’. Just so you know, the husband cuts the cheque for this payment. I happily assumed the credit of ‘buying’ the gift for the mother. See, I have closed my checking account a while back now, I issue iCheque from my savings account, if I need to pay for anything with cheque. The good thing is that I don’t have to write a cheque – which for some reasons, I made crazy mistakes and wasted more cheques, and the bank mailed out the cheque on my behalf! The downside is that it takes around 3-4 working days to send.

Fried and smelling Grrrreat!

While the food continued to cook, quietly and greaseless-ly, I went to the room to process some orders.

The still-excited mum shouted for me, ‘Come come, it’s ready!! Come and take photos!!!’. She was so happy – almost like she is the inventor of this appliance! – and almost jumping around! For now, no man is allowed to touch her precious new toy.

Checking if it's cooked

Time to face the truth, I cut one piece to see if the inside was cooked. Not good enough, the best way to test? Pop one into my mouth, of course!

I gave half to mum, she was all praises!

Nice! Grease free, crispy!

Verdict? I think it’s too early to give a in-depth opinion, but based on first trial, I have to say I am super impressed!

This Ngoh Hiang has nearly no fat on the outside, and it’s wrapped, so perhaps it’s a better idea to graze some olive oil lightly on the food before frying away. That would give more crisp and fragrance to the food. For other processed food, or meat that has fats/skins, it’s probably not necessary to add any oil prior to cooking.

Just search for ‘recipe for AirFryer’ and you will get quite many inspirations on what else to cook with the airfryer. Know that this fryer doesn’t just fry! You bake and brown muffins in it too!

If you cannot stand grease on the floor, cabinet, and anything and everything else that gets it when you deep fry a simple dish, this fryer is for you. I told the husband that we will not deep fry food when our new home is ready, if we need deep fried food, buy the ready-cooked from the stalls. I will not want to spent hours cleaning up the kitchen just for some fried dishes. Well well, what do you know, wish, and you shall be given. Now, I am guessing, by this rate of popularity and high demand, by the time we move, there will be a improved model, such as on/off button, different capacity (like the cooker or microwave oven!) to cater to different needs, and possibly with different add-on basket for different food, such as baking cupcakes, or steaming fish! Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Washing tip – I read it somewhere while researched on this fryer:
After cooking, fill basket with water, until it reaches the level of the wire net, squeeze a lime/lemon into the water, cook it for 3-5 minutes with the fryer. That helps with removing the food that stuck on the wire net, and you only need rinsing and minor cleaning with soft sponge.

My mum tried that out, but she went out right after, so I can’t know for sure if that works.

(Edited – adding new paragraph, as the hungry husband asked for Ngoh Hiang, so I went away to airfry a plate of Ngoh Hiang for him, and that gave me a chance to try out the lemon cooking washing tip)

I added a tablespoon of freshly squeeze lemon juice, and dump a slice of lemon (I am still having lemon juice to supplement my Vit C intake, even though I have completed the Master Cleanse program) in the partially filled basket, and cook it for 4 minutes. I think it works quite neatly, and makes the washing much easier. You might want to wait for the basket to cool first though, yeah, what’s new, just a little reddish minor burn on my fingers, no biggie.

P/S: SuddenlyKing is currently overwhelmed with orders and they are running dangerously low in stock inventory. Only black fryer is available, and not for long. You may contact them directly (link on top section of this post) and check on the estimated wait time until next batch of stocks arrive.

Also, buy here: (We bought our Karcher steamer from this seller, reliable and cheap – they run promotion frequently, so keep an eye on the promototion)

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