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Organic teas - Earl Grey and Golden Mango Green Tea

The first thing that popped into the mind the second I woke this morning was the coffee and the teas!

I have tried the Pero caffeine free coffee, but I think it’s fair to say that if you are regular coffee lover, you won’t like this. It doesn’t really taste like coffee, it’s more like a chocolate flavored coffee (like mocha coffee). It has very low acidic and sour taste, so I guess it suits me just fine. I am not a Nescafe coffee lover because Nescafe coffee has this very acidic taste, and leaves quite a nasty aftertaste.

I am flat white and latte person, go figure.

Now, I was very eager to try the teas too.

Earl Grey with creamer and sugar

Earl grey is my all time favorite, and I love my earl grey with creamers and sugar (not too much).

Earl grey has this distinctive and earthy flavor, it has a subtle hint of sweetness, therefore it’s best not to add too much sugar. Alone, it’s fabulous, but I like the lathering smoothness that the creamer adds to the tea.

Earl grey is love-at-first-sip for me. A great cup of earl grey can definitely make any of my days better.

Verdict: St. Dalfour Earl Grey tea is definitely in my reorder and must buy list, I would try out others too. 

Perfect afternoon with a cuppa tea

I didn’t think I would have another tea today, but after the earl grey, I can’t wait to try the Golden Mango Green Tea.

I love fancy and designers’ tea, different mixes can sometimes surprise and excite your senses.

I am not a fan of mango fruit, too sweet for my liking. However, due to the raved reviews, I thought I would give it a try. Good choice, I must say.

The second the hot water is poured onto the teabag into the cup, the aroma of subtle hint of mango is irresistible.

On first sip, it feels like you are having a nice afternoon tea in the garden. The senses are heightened and each sip leaves a scented aftertaste in the tongue. It is not just refreshing, but surprisingly pleasant. Unlike some green teas which leaves a ‘sappy’ aftertaste, this doesn’t.

Verdict: St. Dalfour Gtolden Mango Green Tea is as good as the TWG tea that I had tried a while back, less the heavy price tag (USD3.99 per box/25 teabags)

I know, I just received the purchases yesterday, but yes, I am already adding items to my cart. I know I will have lots of teas in that order. I will choose DHL for next order, since I am quite certain that the order size will exceed the 4lbs limit for regular air service. iHerb offers good discount for their shipping rates too.

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