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Indulgence for Lunch

Sea salted salmon

So, I had a Dream of Epiphany last night. Hardly a good reason to indulge into this fat chunk of salmon, but as always, I justify, not that anyone cared. This fat slice of salmon was bought by mum. I love fish, and I do love salmon. That doesn’t necessarily amount to loving to cook it!

Anyway, the meow (me) has to eat. I decided that today is the day for indulgence. I know, other days are indulgences for other stuffs, and of course the pants size keeps expanding!

I have never cooked salmon before. I am the instant noodle person. Just because I recently acquire a new set of ‘kung fu’ – soup cooking (yeah, I know what you are thinking, easy peasy dish! That’s what I do!), and I think I cook not bad, the mum loves it! That doesn’t mean I suddenly know how to cook!

Whatever it is, I gave the Missy Salmon a good organic sea salt scrub, and drizzle a few drops of top grade soy sauce, to ease any Monday blues.

$12.44 lunch

Price tag of Missy Salmon – $12.44.

Fat chunk of salmon on hot pan

Just when Missy Salmon relaxed into the lalaland, I moved her into the hot pan. Hah!

Cooked with HappyCall Pan

Then, I closed the HappyCall pan to let it cook more thoroughly and avoid any now cranky little Missy from spitting all over!

This pan works really great,  I needed the high pressure cooking, because… The salmon wasn’t thawed completely, say, it was only let out of the freezer for less than 10 minutes. 😛

What? I am kind of busy with the website upgrading work.

Salmon for lunch

Peek-a-poo! Browning quite nicely.

Salmon for lunch

Ta-dah! While the salmon was cooking, I had some fries airfried too. I really should have steamed mixed vegetables instead.

Salmon for lunch

I like my salmon very cooked, and very browned. It may look somewhat burnt, but it’s really not.

It turned out to be quite a tasty meal, except that I will wear gloves the next time that I handle fish. My hands stink for the whole day. I over-washed the hands with too much antibacterial soap, and applied parfum based hand lotion, when all things failed, I even rubbed the palms with medicated oil to attempt to rid the fishy smell.

Nope, didn’t work. I had headache for the better half of the day. I am highly sensitive to scent, fishy, oily, and even sandal woods scent will give me one hell of a headache for the whole day!

Other than the smelly hands, and too full for a meal, I really have nothing much to complain about. The salmon turns out very juicy in the inside, and fragrant and crispy on the outside. I didn’t eat the skin though, it has this coat of fat under it. Fats eaten as it is gives me migraine, sometimes for days.

So, it’s not too bad for Monday, what say you?

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