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Indulgence for Lunch

Sea salted salmon

So, I had a Dream of Epiphany last night. Hardly a good reason to indulge into this fat chunk of salmon, but as always, I justify, not that anyone cared. This fat slice of salmon was bought by mum. I love fish, and I do love salmon. That doesn’t necessarily amount to loving to cook it!

Anyway, the meow (me) has to eat. I decided that today is the day for indulgence. I know, other days are indulgences for other stuffs, and of course the pants size keeps expanding!

I have never cooked salmon before. I am the instant noodle person. Just because I recently acquire a new set of ‘kung fu’ – soup cooking (yeah, I know what you are thinking, easy peasy dish! That’s what I do!), and I think I cook not bad, the mum loves it! That doesn’t mean I suddenly know how to cook!

Whatever it is, I gave the Missy Salmon a good organic sea salt scrub, and drizzle a few drops of top grade soy sauce, to ease any Monday blues.

$12.44 lunch

Price tag of Missy Salmon – $12.44.

Fat chunk of salmon on hot pan

Just when Missy Salmon relaxed into the lalaland, I moved her into the hot pan. Hah!

Cooked with HappyCall Pan

Then, I closed the HappyCall pan to let it cook more thoroughly and avoid any now cranky little Missy from spitting all over!

This pan works really great,  I needed the high pressure cooking, because… The salmon wasn’t thawed completely, say, it was only let out of the freezer for less than 10 minutes. 😛

What? I am kind of busy with the website upgrading work.

Salmon for lunch

Peek-a-poo! Browning quite nicely.

Salmon for lunch

Ta-dah! While the salmon was cooking, I had some fries airfried too. I really should have steamed mixed vegetables instead.

Salmon for lunch

I like my salmon very cooked, and very browned. It may look somewhat burnt, but it’s really not.

It turned out to be quite a tasty meal, except that I will wear gloves the next time that I handle fish. My hands stink for the whole day. I over-washed the hands with too much antibacterial soap, and applied parfum based hand lotion, when all things failed, I even rubbed the palms with medicated oil to attempt to rid the fishy smell.

Nope, didn’t work. I had headache for the better half of the day. I am highly sensitive to scent, fishy, oily, and even sandal woods scent will give me one hell of a headache for the whole day!

Other than the smelly hands, and too full for a meal, I really have nothing much to complain about. The salmon turns out very juicy in the inside, and fragrant and crispy on the outside. I didn’t eat the skin though, it has this coat of fat under it. Fats eaten as it is gives me migraine, sometimes for days.

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So, it’s not too bad for Monday, what say you?

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