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The Lazy Sunday – Snack and Nap

A love poem seems appropriate

This is the kind of Sunday that I dread to do anything constructive or productive. It seems appropriate to read a poem that is printed on the overleaf of the chocolate wrapper.

Lethal Combo for Weight Watcher

I ordered some more teas, coffee, and other supplements from iHerb. There are multiple reasons why I added the chocs to the cart.
1. I had tasted Caramel ice cream with almonds and sea salt, it was SO GOOD! I was excited to try the dark chocolate (I love dark chocolates!) with almonds and sea salt too.
2. The chocolate receives rave reviews!
3. There is a poem printed in the wrapper, don’t you want to know what’s printed? Sure, I am a victim of marketing strategy, through and through, and I am not ashamed. 😛
4. Top up to meet the total amount for better shipping rates via DHL
5. Even without all the above reasons, I will still buy them, I DON’T NEED justification! (Fine, I do need justification!)

Caramel sea salt ice cream with almond

The perfect caramel ice cream with almond and sea salt that I had at Cedele. (blogged on ponyandmeow)

The Struggle...

The dark chocolate is perfect, and almost a lethal combination for the weight watcher. I am sure it does very little harm if you tasted it moderately. Did I say LETHAL? Yeah, that’s the part you need to pay attention to. The perfect bitter sweet chocolate leaves no acidic aftertaste, and the chunks of almonds are like playing treasure hunt with your tongue, then comes the subtle light hint of sea salt. It enhances the chocolate and add interestingness to each bite. It is a struggle to stop at just one small piece.

The husband doesn’t appreciate sweet stuffs much, but he loves this too. I didn’t think I would face an opponent in savoring these dark yummies, looks like the next order will include a dozen of the chocs!

Sunday should be like that

Today feels like a very lazy Sunday. I could do nothing, snack, nap, snack some more, nap even more. It’s been a long week doing mind-boggling files/codes matching for the website upgrading work, dealing with technical support from the local ISP that didn’t respond promptly; and live chat with several other technical support based in USA on the topic of hosting and website resolution. It’s just very brain resources consuming.

Today, I feel like being a meow, my plush meow typically. I mean, she does nothing but tucked in her personal sleeping blanket/bag, I imagine she eats but she really doesn’t.

Some Organic sweetness

I bagged this sample pack into this order (you get to choose one sample product to try for each order), and was really excited to find such generous spread of samples in the sweetener sample pack. I have yet to try out anything yet (forgot), but was keeping in mind to order the raw sugar and perhaps others.

Apple chips

The pack of apple chips is really to top up the amount. I do love apple chips though. The cinnamon flavor seems to be a popular choice, but I am not quite a fan of cinnamon, except for the churros that I tried at Disney World, perhaps I was young and stupid, or young and tired, or young and jet-lagged, or young and holidaying, I decided that it was the best churros ever!

Official A Tea Person

I am definitely loving the St. Dalfour tea. It’s subtle and smooth, the word ‘organic’ sure earns some stars too.

Just to clarify, I am not exactly an Organic fanatic (no offense there). Organic foodstuffs in Singapore is super overpriced, or perhaps justified due to shorter shelf life and we don’t really produce much of anything, so everything and anything is imported. Perishables can cost quite a bit, and organic foodstuffs that are not grossly popular enough, can cost an arm.

That said, I would opt for anything Organic if they are not ridiculously pricer than the regular.

This breakfast tea tastes really good. Imagine my relief when the husband showed a disgruntle expression after the first sip, I get to keep the entire box for myself!

See, he loved green tea, and finished my share of green tea that I brought to Phuket (my birthday vacation). I made him the mango green tea that I ordered previously from iHerb, he seemed to be pleased with it. I ordered more green tea with different flavors – strawberry, mango, orange. He has a change of heart when introduced to a new gal named Earl Grey. Now, he doesn’t even look at the green tea anymore! I ordered another box of Earl Grey, and ordered Breakfast tea too. Good thing, this time around, he decides to stay faithful to the newfound love.

Personally, I love them both. I love my black teas with non-dairy creamer and one teaspoon of raw sugar. They taste smooth, fragrant yet not overpowering. They have the power to reset the cranky mood to a satisfying and relaxed mood.

For the rest of the Sunday, I am just going to blog up the Chiang Mai holiday – ended early Feb, but I just didn’t have time to blog all the days up – and finish an interview questionnaire, and perhaps reply some emails.

Now? This instance? Tea maybe!

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