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Better sleep with Mack’s

I know, the title sounds like some sort of commercial slogan, but I am not paid for post.

Like many Singaporeans, we live near the MRT track. I swear that the noise pollution is worse than when we moved here 10 years ago. I wrote to the authorities and they replied that they had carried out tests by their own surveyors – why bother? I thought surveyors are supposed to be independent? – and found that the noise level have not changed, the frequency of the train travels has however increased.

I am sensory hypersensitive. I smell cigarette smoke from distance. I taste the slightest hint of pepper marinated in fried food. I hear footsteps from a unit away. I feel humidity level rising. Just some of the quirks, as usual.

We have to turn up the volume of television and radio quite a fair bit during peak hours when the train frequency increases. We could barely hear each other without raising our voice. And they blame couples for fighting too much? 😛

So, since they have denied that the noise output has risen, we have to look for alternative to get better sleep. Of course, apart from the national situation, we also have a bit of domestic inconsideration in using a noisy mop to clean the floor before the rooster crows the first morning crow.

The husband and I are very light sleeper, we wake at the slightest noise. The frequent and regular disruptive sleep was beginning to take a toll on our work performance. Sleep deprivation impacts greatly on mind alertness and attentiveness.

When posted the sleeping problem on facebook, a friend, Janette, mentioned something about her wearing ear plugs to sleep (isn’t facebook the most amazing thing in this century!). I searched and found Mack’s ear plug. Seemed to be a popular brand. I continued to search to see if there is any local distributor or retailer. I found earplugs.sg.

When I first visited the website, I was not fully comfortable in ordering as it was not a built cart that we could add the item and check-out. I contacted the owner by email anyway. Tried the slim fit and regular ear plugs.

I tried to sleep with the Slim Fit, and had the most amazing sleep for a long time! The husband was persuaded to try, but he kept taking them out in the middle of the night when he used the regular size ear plugs.

He had been sleeping in Slim Fit since. I ordered another 2 boxes of Slim Fit as it is the last pair in the pack that he is currently using.

Slim Fit (Violet)

Great for Asians and women, as we have smaller ear canals. The slim fit fits snuggly without creating much pressure. Size matters. If you use ear plugs that are bigger than your ear canal, you may experience discomfort which feels like underwater pressure.

$10.50 per pack of 5 pairs

Regular Snore Blockers (Green)

Great for men. I can use them – because I don’t want to waste it – but not as comfortable as the slim fit. The trick is not to push the ‘squeezed’ plug into the canal too deep, so that when it expands, the slimmer front portion fits into my ear. That relieves pressure in the ear.

$16.50 per pack of 12 pairs

Mufflers – Bright Orange

The mufflers are great if you don’t like the idea of having something stuck inside your ears. I used this when I had ear infection. (I bought these for the husband to try in place of the inserted ear plugs) It felt quite comfortable, but the noise cancellation strength seems to be weaker than the inserted ear plugs though. Good enough for regular snore blocking, in our case, the noise from the MRT trains.

$16.50 per pack of 6 pairs


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