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Chicken wrapped in Fish Ball | New Ingredient in Soup

The husband helps with marketing (isn’t he such a darling!), and I used Wunderlist on iPad and Mac to create a shopping folder that I share with him.

In the list of to-buys, was BoBo fish balls, so I heard BoBo is one of the better brands for fish balls. He came home with BoBo fish balls, with  different packaging!! The fish balls are larger than the usual ones. I took 3 glances and picked up different words on the package, ‘fish ball’ ‘chicken’ ‘wrap’. Ok, so there is chicken meat wrapped in the fish balls. Not too optimistic, but he said that was what’s left.

Previously, I soaked the fish balls in water before cooking, and added to the soup 10 minutes before the soup is ready. The soup smelt of a light hint of fishy smell. No one minded much, but I wasn’t too pleased.

This time around, I boiled the fish balls briefly and drained them to a bowl for later. It works. That process drains most of the fish smell.

I took a bite into the fish ball (which is really large!) and, Oh My Goodness!!!! It is SO GOOD!!! I could finish all 20 fish balls in one go!!!

Alas, I restrained. Mum pack a flask full of soup before leaving for her Majong session. I am so full now, I usually just have one bowl for breakfast – which usually is the brunch – but the fish balls are so good, I had another bowl. 😛

The weather is rather cooling today, perfect for stomach warming soup!

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