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Cutify your Drinks

I think it’s reasonable to assume that I am highly visual. Nice drinking glasses please me much and make me feel that the drinks taste better. Same goes to the plates and cutlery sets.

Since the Bali trip last May, I learnt to enjoy single malt on the rocks. The husband bought me some rock glasses, and I thought it would be so great to have cute ice cubes too!

I never liked Barbie doll, between Barbie and Cars & Ships, I go for the latter. I would not recommend the ship ice tray though, it is of questionable quality. I decide to throw out the one I have, because it produces oily substances overtime in the freezer. Most things are made in China now, but some things are just way too questionable to risk your health with.

My mum buys a big bag of limes every week and squeezes them into ice tray. That way, when she wants a refreshing lime juice, she just drops a few of the concentrated lime ice with cold water. The trouble with the usual ice trays is that it is very difficult to remove just one or two cubes. She sometimes uses a knife to pry into the ice cubes!!

I ordered the silicon-based ice tray for her instead. She loves hello kitty. The quality is good, no oily substance like the ship’s, and it’s quite easy to remove the ice cubes. I think you can make chocolate out of them too, I have not tried, but I had seen photos of it.

To Buy:

Type ‘ice tray’ in the search box on Qoo10; average price is S$14 per tray (before shipping).

I have used the ice tray for nearly a month now, and found another Singapore seller, Chunky Bakers (you can google for it, but I am not linking), and they listed a much affordable price. I wanted to buy a few more for mum, so I contacted the seller, expressing interest to buy, but it’s been a week now, and I have not heard from them. I have recommended a friend to buy from them too, the friend is buying more than 10 trays, but the seller doesn’t respond too. That’s why I do not recommend this seller, thus not linking to the website.

I want to be more responsible with my recommendation. I don’t pretend that I have tried the products if I have not.

  • 8tray Hello Kitty Ice Jelly cube trays Mold Silicon
  • S$14.00

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