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My Foolish Moment | Allergy ‘Proof’

I swear I wasn’t trying to create proof to back up my allergy history. I am never very bright, and I don’t think I am stupid, but this is my dumb moment.

After I took the photos of the two ‘hope’ creams this morning, I squeezed a tad bit the hope oil free cream, and planned to take photo of it on my hand, just like what I did with the hands of hope cream. I decided to give that photo a miss since I am getting allergy reaction from it.

Then, the dumb moment scooted in. I thought that perhaps the skin on the arms are thicker than the face, and I had already squeeze the cream out, I didn’t want to waste it. I applied on my arm!

Yeah, applied and forgotten… not for long. It has a way to catch my attention, with screaming red swell and pain! The good news is that I am quite fortunate to have the dumb moment now, than anything other time. I am currently in my worst and longest episode of eczema ‘attack’, so I am armored with all sorts of oral and topical medications to treat crazy allergy outbursts!

The last time a similar swell happened, I had to go get a jab that I passed out from. The drug was too strong, and I was too eager to get out! 😛

Oh well, know I know for certain, there is no hope for me to use hope oil free SPF 30.

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