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Nerd is the New Sexy

This was what I had been doing over the weekend. I must have tried more than 15 times to run this task on my Mac Lion (10.7.4), gave up, and then convinced to try again, gave and finally figured it out.

So I thought I will blog this up, for anyone who has been suffering looking for the right command. *Apple support page no longer updates on this topic on newer machines; the instruction for older Mac won’t work on Lion because of the change in directory.

(The rest of my personal ramblings on this is posted after the photos)


#If you have VPN, the values that you are going to enter, should be right after your local host setting, the VPN setting is usually below it.


I am not trained professionally for stuffs like this, so I might not have answers for your questions. Try this at your own risk eh!


Now, this is my grouses and ramblings.

So, this is the Nerd generation, and I have heard it so often that ‘Nerd is the new sexy’. Oh well, that sounds like something I can try to attempt.

Nah, it takes so much more to contain so many too many codes and sequences in the head. If given proper training, I might actually excel in this field. I chose IT (weight on e-commerce platform) as major when enrolled into Business Management education, but like how my life events always twist and turn beyond imaginable plan (fine, a little exaggeration here, life is ever unpredictable), half way through all the core modules, I was told that I had to choose another major because the IT major was canceled. So, I opted for Human Resources Management instead.

Back to the weekend when I pretended to be a hot nerd. See, I needed to move my blogs (this one, and another one) to the another server. It proved to be more tricky as quirkymissy.com was hosted on Google’s Blogspot, and I want to run this blog on WordPress since I have upgraded my hosting plan to host multiple domains/websites.

Tricky, because I want to work on the new installation of WordPress on new server, and import the contents over (which is also a bit tricky, but when you go through hell, fire is really a light pinch on the skin, just saying.). I NEED to work on the new contents before changing the DNS to point to the new server. Did I say that I keep my domain at the old house, but hosting the contents at the new one? Of course I have to make my life more challenging, what fun is there to just flick the finger tips and everything fall perfectly into places? (That’s a lie, I really want that button)

Again, I am not trained professionally in web developing. My webhost, siteground, is probably among the best in providing the most amazing technical support – even though I was recently upset by a silly recommendation made by the customer service to buy a year’s hosting plan just to check on one of the features in less than 3 mins’ time.

In order for me to access the new contents which were not already propagated, I will need to EDIT LOCAL FILES on my machine. It’s not a familiar phrase to me at all. To make things more challenging than it already was, I am using Mac Lion, the Knowledge base on Apple’s support page no longer update on this topic!

I scoured on the internet and found some outdated tutorials, and I must have tried so many times, I was on the verge of giving up, but Martin, the Support Manager who was helping me with the problem, persuaded that I should try again. Some dumb luck I had, I actually figured out why it didn’t work!

Anyway, I managed to work on the new content on the remote server. That would be the nerdy smart thing I had done over the weekend. Of course, did I say I had 2 blogs to move?

I might just blog about that once I get over the trauma of…

1. Exported contents from blogspot–>imported the contents with the wordpress import tool–>only 50-ish posts are imported!!!–>repeated the steps 3 times–>tears waiting to rush from eyes–>used the conversion tool to convert the exported contents to wordpress compatible contents–>imported the new contents with another wordpress import tool–>50-ish posts short!!!!–>oh well, for some strange reasons, method 1 only imported a small fraction and method 2 imported the remaining–>stats not imported, so the top posts is now reset–>installed and tested tons of plugins–>tons of errors because of the trailing .html that was used by blogspot–>fixed that problem by rewriting rule in .htaccess file–>ongoing project to go through each post to tag them appropriately, for  now, only a handful of them are categorized and tagged, the rest is just in uncategorized section until I get through to all of them.

2. Setting up the SFTP–>not working–>downloaded a different application–>set up–>didn’t work–>set up new passphrase–>set up–>loaded the private key–>didn’t work–>tweaked further–>WORKED!!!

3. Backing up SQL on overly simplified control panel on GoDaddy–>imagine the relief to know that I have chosen not to host my cart with them, because there is no access to MyPhp, so there is no option to backup the gzip format! –>downloaded via FTP–>created new SQL on new remote server–>downloaded all contents from GD’s server–>uploaded all files to new server–>edited the config file to point to new database and other information–>edit local host files to access remote server–>SQL ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!–>discovered one folder got left during upload–>upload again–>didn’t work!!!!–>decided to go to sleep and work on the next morning–>dreamt of .htaccess and config file–>woke and cleaned out everything on the remote server, and uploaded everything again–>took forever–>WORKED!!!!

I don’t know what’s worse, going through all these as a nut without proper knowledge, or the fact that I am already planning to change the template of this blog that I have just gone through hell to get it up and running?

Welcome to my quirky world!

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