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Space Saving Storage Bag

If you don’t already know, the living spaces in Singapore are shrinking from the already shrunk size. We are constantly looking for space-saving products to help maximize the living space. Irony?

Previously, I ordered online from Mummy Cents, one storage bag (60x50cm) at S$4.90 and bought the manual pump at S$5.00; shipping not included. I didn’t have time to try the item until now, and the pump broke on the first use! That said, the quality of the storage bag is good.

The husband sent me a link that day to check out the storage bags on Qoo10. I ordered 4 XS (35cm x 50cm) and 4 S (40cm x 60cm) at S$21.50 including shipping and a free manual pump. (I used my coupons to offset $2 off the total though)

The average cost of each bag is S$2.69, which is really affordable!

We don’t have winter clothes, but we do have some thicker cold wear that really takes up space. The small bags are for my mum; we want the xs bag because we won’t have wide enough space to store away large bags. We will get the larger bags when our apartment is ready.

These bags come with red rubber stoppers; the ones from Mummy Cents come with one-way valves. The red stopper is a very smart design, once you suck the air out, the pressure ‘pulls’ the stopper close preventing the air from entering. You can then reach for the cap to screw the opening tight.

The pump works beautifully with smaller bags, but I recommend using vacuum cleaner for larger bags. It’s more efficient and effective that way.

I will continue to buy from this seller as the smaller sizes are difficult to get anywhere else, and the low prices for good quality products are definitely appealing.

  • Space saving storage vacuum bag
  • S$2.80

Tips on buying on Qoo10:

Most items are priced at base price, say $2.80 in this case; different sizes may incur more costs, say for Small bags, you add $0.30 to each unit you add.

1. Set up an account and start collecting coupons (play the roulette everyday, you get some discount coupons here and there) from the Qoo10 site or by writing reviews etc. You may also start to collect the tokens hidden in various categories. Use the tokens to exchange for coupons at purchase (DO NOT exchange until you are buying, because the expiry date is short).

2. Add the quantity to total to minimum $10 to use the coupon of $1; there are other coupons with different conditions though, say 30% off no minimum amount etc.

I bought 4 bags of each size so that it exceeds $10, and I use the $1 coupons to offset from each listing. Buying more in each order justifies the shipping cost too; especially so for sellers who offer flat rate shipping.

2 comments for “Space Saving Storage Bag

  1. July 6, 2012 at 9:09 am

    It’s not the same thing but I was excited I recently found a space saving store in Singapore, you’re post here reminded me of it maybe it is worth you looking at and sharing ?

    http://www.spacemanstore.com it has those hidden wall beds, transforming dining tables, hidden desk, folding kitchenware.

    • July 6, 2012 at 9:19 am

      Indeed, very clever ideas and products!

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