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Angus Steak House & Fitflop Shoes | Out-of-mountain Day with Cyn

My good friend who lives in Western Australia is in town. We are good friends, and you know that for sure when we don’t take no as an answer when inviting each other.

Today is the best day to meet before I leave for my short vacation tomorrow, and I have put up the vacation notice on all the shops that I sell products on, so work is mostly done.

I needed to get some travel sized hair care products, and planned to buy the herbal masks (brand: Cortry) from Watson’s. I used that before, and it helped soothe my irritated skin. Problem is, I haven’t been out of the apartment for too long, I think even Watson’s has changed too much, and Cortry is probably out of market since a year ago!

Another problem is that physical shop is very foreign to me. Gosh! My brain might have actually flipped a round while I went round and round the Watson’s store to look for stuffs. I desperately needed to get help from the staff, but oddly, the big store didn’t have many staff!

I was early for our lunch appointment, until I got lost in Watson’s store. Then, I got lost in Level 4 of Ngee Ann City. I managed to get the direction from Cyn on the phone and met her at the Angus Steak House. Even though I propose to lunch there, I have never been there, or at least never noticed it before.

Cynthia had Cod Fish Grilled, I had Salmon Grilled; with S$6 more, we get baked bun, salad, soup, and dessert.

We loved our fishes and everything else was heavenly! I had cream of mushroom and Cyn had minestrone; the salad is similar to the Oriental salad from KFC (discontinued) which was my favorite; dessert was a small slice of Tiramisu. We ordered coffee after the meal.

If there is a tradition to this long-time friendship, it is indisputably coffee.

The friendship began with coffee during coffee breaks – we had many coffee breaks, since we did get to decide when to take a break. When we met, we always had coffee! The first place she brought me to when I visited her in Perth, was for coffee! What’s different is that I now drink decaf because regular coffee gives me headache.

I enjoyed the decaf coffee at Angus Steak House, not too acidic and very fragrant.

After lunch, I asked that she joined me to Tangs to shop for fitflop shoes. My loyal but also very tired flipflop had served me long enough and it is about time to retire that pair of flipflop and buy a good pair of shoes.

Cyn brought me to another shop named ‘M.2’ at Basement 1 of Ngee Ann City. More designs are on sale (up to 20% discount for selected designs) in this shop. I planned to buy the pair that has round decorative gems; but the other pair with rectangular gems is tagged with 20% discount. I loved the latter first, so I bought that. I have white pumps forever, and mostly from Hush Puppies. Not only that I am ‘stuck’ with the color, Cyn thinks that I wear white very well too.

The original price was $129, I paid $103-ish after discount. I am a very happy person today.

I wore and walked with the shoes right there, they packed my Hush Puppies. The shoes are very lightweight. I find the strap part a tad tight on my feet though, partly because I have this unusually raised bone on the feet, but the sales person assured that it will loosen overtime. I am guessing it may not loosen soon enough for me, since I am wearing the shoes once every few months. Maybe I should wear them at home too?

I wore them for less than 30 minutes, but I already have 2 tiny blisters on the toe. I am quite sure it’s probably just me. I have this super delicate skin, by that, I mean annoyingly sensitive skin that reacts badly towards frictional pressure. The underside of the strap is actually padded for maximum comfort.

Hopefully, I don’t need to walk too much during this vacation. The comfortable shoes aside, I still don’t like humidity around the region.

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