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Clothes Folder | Product Review

I blogged about this on my other blog – ponyandmeow.com (with video of Big Bang Theory), but I’ll just include this here too.

I wanted the clothes folder when I spotted the flip folder that Sheldon of Big Bang Theory used in one of the episodes. I ordered one and still enjoying it months after.

See, I am a neat freak, and I really appreciate organized wardrobe. Don’t you just want to buy all the nicely folded clothes in the shop, as compared to the pile of mess? I hardly shop during sale in the physical store, because it is quite difficult to shop when all the clothes are dumped in a pile of mess on the sale trolley/cart. Of course, the crowd doesn’t help either.

That’s another benefit to shop online, yes?

I use the folder to fold tees, shorts, pants, leggings, pillow and bolster cases, towels, bed sheets and quilt covers. When we were packing to leave for Kota Kinabalu for vacation, I folded the blouses using the folder too. Everything is almost the same size, it really helps to save space, and because of the way the clothes are folded, minimal ironing is required. I wish there is a more compact and lighter version to carry in the luggage though. 😛

I ordered mine at:

Remember to choose the adult size (small fee applies), but if you have small children at home, you might want to get both. I paid S$13.11 after offsetting with my coupons.

I wish to set up a laundry area with a foldable table in my new home. Perhaps to install a stud hanger on the wall to hold the folder.

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