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Collagen Crystal Facial Mask | Skincare Review

I am beauty conscious, forever. I don’t see why I should deny it, and it’s not exactly a secret.

I don’t have enough time for anything that consumes too much time. I have not had a professional haircut for nearly 2 years now, I managed to ‘taper’ the flyaway ends by cutting my hair myself. It’s a lot easier with long hair, trust me. I used to ‘struggle’ in luxurious facial treatments. Yeah, I hate having people touch my face (same reason I washed my hair before going to the hair salon, I am happy to pay for the package, but I don’t want anyone washes my hair, because the soap and whatever slips down my face; also the same reason I do my makeup on my wedding, apparently, it came as no surprise to a long time friend who knew me since high school!).

I was in quite a mood for sheet masks; I had that ‘mood’ after throwing out a box of SKII masks in the fridge that was expired for more than a year!

I ordered some masks online, and this seller and the products receive rave reviews!

  • 大S Recommended 19 Face mask Collagen facial mask [Whitening/Anti-Wrinkle/Oil-control/Pore Reduce]
  • S$0.69

The prices are really cheap too, no harm trying, I thought to myself.

The delivery was fast, and I tried the red wine collagen mask. It didn’t fit very well on the face, as the collagen mask slips, so I had to tilt my head backward and stayed that way for a while. During the 30 minutes that I had the mask on, I had to push the mask upwards intermittently.

The process was cooling and enjoyable though. Can’t say for the after-effects.

I might have developed undesired reaction towards the mask. I had crazy breakouts a day after.

It’s noteworthy that I have super sensitive skin – if you don’t already know from my previous outraged product rash with Hope in a Jar with SPF cream – so I believe it could be just me, since most of the reviews are positive.

I will try the rest after I come back from the upcoming vacation. I have just ordered another lot of Korean sheet masks – Leaders Insolution, which should arrive shortly after my vacation. I read somewhere that the collagen mask actually works better if you place the pack (before opening) in warm water for a short while, before using it on the face. Maybe that ‘sticks’ better on the face. I also read that you can toss the used mask into the warm bath to dissolve and nourish your skin. I don’t have bathtub.

I have however, tried to soothe the angry skin with aloe sheet mask from Etude house (next blog post, perhaps) which we received as free gifts from our HappyCall pan purchase. That is the reason to the new purchase of Korean sheet masks, I think Korean skin care really works better with my skin. In case the brave ‘trial’ with the collagen mask fails again, I have something to appease the raging skin. 😛

I believe that these collagen masks are made in China, because I have located the manufacturers. 😛 I am not buying the wholesale carton, I was just researching for information, and chanced upon the manufacturers. Like my friends said, I can be quite a genie in sourcing. I wish I am as resourceful in finding other stuffs, like say, money? Just kidding, I love money to be just adequate, not too much.

That said, given the good reviews and fantastic prices, it’s worth trying.

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