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Etude House Aloe Mask | Product Review!!!

So, my skin is suffering from an adverse reaction from product ‘rejection’. 🙁

I am trying to soothe the angry skin, and one of the effective ways is to use aloe vera. I remember we received a stack of Etude House aloe masks with our HappyCall pan purchase. I am really skeptical, because the skin reaction is a result of a facial mask – collagen crystal red wine mask, I hope this doesn’t make things worse, especially that I am leaving for a vacation in a few days’ time.

I put on the mask 2 days ago, and it felt nice and I believe it helped cool off the angry skin for a bit. It doesn’t perform magic though, so I guess it will still take a few more days before the skin settles.

I use another sheet just now, and I might just use another one on the night before we take off for holiday.

The mask is very moist, as in dripping wet when removed from the pack. You may want to squeeze some product off the sheet before removing the mask. The mask is quite big, so some areas will overlap when applied on your face.

Use the remaining products on your neck and skin if you like. I don’t particularly like the stickiness in this humid weather, so I don’t do that if I use the mask during the day. I smear the excess product on skin when I use the mask in the evening though, because I usually sleep with air-conditioner turned on, so it doesn’t feel sticky.

I purchase most of my skin care products online; most of the korean skin care products are purchased on Qoo10 as the prices are more competitive, and the sellers are usually very generous with free samples – how dangerous for my wallet! Try more, buy more! Do take time to read the reviews and don’t be shy to ask the seller about the products’ origin though. Cheap or not, you want to buy the real thing, and you have the right to ask.

Other skin care products are mainly bought on skinstore.com.

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