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HappyCall Pan | Authenticity Checks

Mum and her younger sister wanted the HappyCall pans. You would think that online shopping is ‘dangerous’, those pans sold in the local brick & mortar shops can be fake too.

I researched quite intensively on authentication of the the famous HappyCall pans. I read a LOT of reviews and some people gave the sellers poor reviews because of the simple and non-fancy packaging box that come with the pans.

I read that the fancy printed boxes are really the fake ones. The authentic pans do not come with boxes with fancy prints.

I gathered the information online, here and there, and check against the pans we ordered, I am confident that our pans are authentic. I do feel very responsible when buying things on behalf of anyone beside myself. Similarly, I feel responsible for recommending products, therefore, I want to try the times before blogging about them.


#1: Simple packaging and manual, the pan doesn’t come with box with fancy prints.

#2: Made in Korea:

Original: the alignment between the handle (top/bottom) is perfect.

Fake: Made in China, but may still engrave ‘Made in Korea’ on the metal part, but the handle portion is straight cut, and possibly misaligned. Some fake pans have the words partially covered.

#3: Open up the pan, the Registered mark after the ‘Happy Call’ should be clearly visible.

#4: Check for the hologram on the packing that loops over the pan handle.

#5: The pan opens to 90 degree.

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There are several sellers selling HappyCall pans on Qoo10, so do browse around and checkout the different free gifts that come with your purchase. I would buy from reliable sellers who have good reputation/reviews.

We ordered the deeper pan during the promotion, we were given a fruit knife, a spare rubber sealer, and 8 sheets of Etude House Aloe masks.

I have used the pan to make waffle, and pan fry/bbq salmon with very little olive oil. The kitchen didn’t stink of fishy stench, nor splattered with oil all over. Overall, we are happy with our purchase.


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