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Innisfree Anti-Trouble Spot Essence W & R | Product Review

Remember I blogged about my troubled skin after using the collagen red wine mask? I found a pack of free sample of Innisfree R essence that came with my previous purchase, so I tried dabbing some on the massive breakouts.

It seemed to help with soothing the breakout, so the next logical thing to do is to order more!

I ordered here:

  • [Amorepacific](Free shipping)Innisfree visa anti-acne Spot Essence / Total 40ml (R1mlX20 sheet W1mlX20 sheet)
  • S$10.00

I ordered the small packs (20 packs of W essence and 20 packs of R essence) and paid S$8 for all that. (Know that I have tons of coupons to use to offset from my purchases, so the final price may vary)

In a non-discriminating tone, I do have some trouble reading the translated information from product pages sometimes. As you might know, I am quite literal and not great with reading between the lines or guessing the hidden meaning or meaning of otherwise.

For some mad reasons, I have been blogging all day, after clearing the 2nd load of laundry (post-vacation labor work). I am not going to copy and paste information that you can easily find from the product page, but I will tell you what I think how it works.

R essence – blue:

+ More potent, meant to treat more serious breakout

+ Dries powdery

+ Leaves green spots on the areas you applied on (and I am guessing from the translated English description, it means to say that you may pinch off the powder after 15 minutes of application)

My experience:

I apply with cotton swab, and the green lotion makes the appearance of the big red spot less prominent, so you do feel better about it. It helps to dry up the spot too. I work from home, so I left it on the spot. I recommend that you use this in the night and sleep on it; use the W essence in the day, that goes quite nicely under makeup.

R essence – white:

+ Milder effect, great for minor spots

+ Dries clear

My experience:

I apply with cotton swab, it helps with clearing the small spots that are left from the product reaction I had earlier.

I know some of you may not like the idea of paying for sample packs. I have no problem with that actually. I like the idea of small individually packed products for special treatment that you don’t need to use everyday. I may end up wasting some products once the trouble spots are cleared, but at least I am assured that each time I have a breakout, I get to use a fresh pack. (I keep the opened pack in small ziplock bag and throw out after more than 2 weeks)

The problem with full size product that you hardly use is that once the product is opened, it is exposed to contamination. You may end up wasting the whole tube after just a few uses; or you may end up making the skin condition worse with compromised quality product.

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