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Knife Sharpener | Product Review

I love knifes and scissors. It is said that one of the AS (Asperger’s Syndrome) traits is obsession. I have episodes of different obsessions at different stages in life. Once I bought lip sticks from almost all the popular brands, because I wanted to find my perfect lip stick. YSL, Lancome, and Estee Lauder were in the ‘Disqualified’ list because they were scented. I left them in the shop where I worked, so that the colleagues could use. The same goes to obsessed acquiring of scissors, nail polish (I bought all the colors of several brands once I found the favorite series), and other stuffs.

Now, I do love good knives, be it for kitchen use, or the swiss army knives – I am very unlikely to be needing the swiss army knife for survivor’s need since I don’t hike or involve myself in any outdoor activities.

I am really happy when the seller included a free fruit knife in our purchase of HappyCall Pan. It’s a nice pastel green fruit knife that I use frequently to cut the lemons to make lemonade. The knife becomes blunt very quickly. 🙁

My mum  has this erhm… how should I put it, metal rod? She says that it is used to sharpen knives. It looks more like a giant skewer to sharpen the cleaver! I think I saw that in the movies whereby the butcher sharpened his cleaver with it. No way I am using that to sharpen my cute little green knife!

So, I ordered the sharpener online. I paid S$4.55, and it took forever (perhaps around 3 weeks) to reach me, but I can’t complain since  it came from Korea on regular mail.

I ordered here:

  • ★Free Gift★ /USA BIG HIT/ KOREA BIG HIT/ Safety  TengSten sharpener/knife sharpener
  • S$6.50

The sharpener has a suction pad on the base. You just need to position it on the kitchen top, hold it well, and pull down the handle. It really sticks!

To sharpen, simply slide your knife through the ‘V’ metal pieces. Be mindful not to exert too much pressure when doing that, simply slide through with consistent pressure. There may be some metal shavings, which is normal.

I tried, and it works! The knife’s sharpness is restored!! I slid the knife a few times and took out the lemon to test the sharpness, it cuts through with the least effort.

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