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Mediheal Facial Sheet Masks | Product Review

I ordered Leaders InSolution and Mediheal facial masks from the same seller. The prices for both brands are comparative, but Leaders seems to be primer.

I read that they ingredients used in both brands are similar, just different brands. I bought both to verify.

Earlier, I blogged about the Mela-tox mask from Leaders InSolution. I tried the Vita Lightbeam mask from Mediheal last night.

Mediheal Vita Lightbeam

Derivative of vitamin C inhibit melanin production, and it will make your skin shinier and brighter. Vitamin C has excellent antioxidant effects and it will protect your skin from external stimulus.

As always, I did more than just using the mask.


1. I used the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel as exfoliation agent to prep for the mask.

2. Tone skin with toner

[Mask Application]

The mask is similar, if not identical, to that of Leaders InSolution’s. The essence is thick glue-like, wet but non-dripping, the sheet fits on the skin like second skin.

I left it for 20 minutes and removed the mask. Instead of patting the remaining essence dry, I wet my hands, and shook off excess water. Blend over the essence on the face. I did that because the essence is too sticky for comfort, by mixing with a bit of water, it thinned the essence making it easier to be absorbed and leaves the skin smooth on touch.

I woke to lightened post-breakout marks. I cannot attribute the credit solely to the mask, since the microdelivery peel is also rich in Vitamin C, and the exfoliation definitely helped too.

Overall, I am very pleased with the mask, and now that I am quite confident that both brands are similar, I will buy whichever brands that are offered at special rates.

I ordered from:

This seller runs regular promotions at very competitive prices. I am going to try the Placenta mask soon as there is currently a promotion, and the Placenta mask is at unbelievable price!

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