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Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel | Product Review

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

  • stimulated by the sun, the aloe vera relaxes your all reddish and dried face, arm, leg, and whole body. it also gives good moist and it is also rich in vitamin
  • Approved by CCOF(California Certified Organic Farmers) which has real 92% of the aloe
  • fresh taste and fast absorption. it gives no sticky face but relaxed


  • Multiple usages (see image) from head to toe
  • No paraben, mineral oil, artificial pigment
  • Mild formula

I have a mild (or not) obsession problem. I have been trying to source for the perfect creams/lotions/gels that are soothing for my hypersensitive skin. I think this could be the longest obsession!

I was skeptical about the Nature Republic aloe vera soothing gel, especially that it is priced so affordably for such a big tub! Aside, I didn’t have a great experience with aloe vera gel, despite the ‘soothing’ or ‘calming’ properties.

However, this changes my opinion forever – ok, forever is a very long time, maybe for now. I am using this as day moisturizer. Despite my maturing skin, I have combination skin. In addition, I am ‘drenched’ in our natural humidity climate mostly in the day, so I do prefer mild and light moisturizer that doesn’t make me look like a grease cake.


It has a very refreshing scent which I love. The scent goes away very quickly.


Like most gels, this gel feels sticky on application, but absorbs fully within not more than 2 minutes. It is not quite the moisturizer, but it does soothe the redness.


Not the greatest option. Jar packaging is usually less welcomed by most users. As usual, I scooped some into a smaller container using my stainless steel spatula. That way, it reduces the number of exposures to germs and bacterial – which happens whenever you open the jar and dip your hands/spatula into the contents. I hate to think that the contents is contaminated.


Check out the image for the many usages. I have tried on face, neck, and hands. I may try to mix bb cream with the aloe vera gel of 2:1 ratio and see if it’s better. I have bought Skinfood argan oil hair essence, so I have not tried using the gel on hair, neither do I know exactly how to use it on hair!

Aloe Vera gel has rich healing properties. If you are a beach lover, you should not be stranger to aloe vera gel. It is especially useful to prevent sunburn, or to soothe your skin after tan.

I might bring this big tub to the next vacation, in place of body lotion, this cream, and that cream! I will still have my night cream, sunscreen (what do you know! I have ordered Hera Daily sunscreen, and it’s on the way to my mailbox!), and probably the California Baby calendula cream (for really dry areas). That would save lots of space. You have no idea the bottles of creams I bring for vacation, and the upcoming trip is more than 2 weeks, I can really use the space for clothes and purchases!

I ordered my gel at:
(This seller is not as generous with samples as compared to other sellers, so if you are particular about that, you should search for other sellers on Qoo10)

[Repurchase Likeliness]

Definitely! It keeps my skin adequately hydrated – you may use this as pre-moisturizer essence if you have very dry skin – with no stickiness and discomfort. I am hoping that it does good to the skin on regular and long-term usage though.


Store the big and small jar in the fridge. It is really more refreshing to use it cold. Also, unless you use it very quickly, keeping this in the fridge helps to prolong the product lifespan.


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