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Plaster Allergy | More Skin Trouble

This year’s health focus for me is really the largest organ in the human body – skin.

I am having different sorts of highly uncomfortable skin problems now. Since Feb, I am plagued with urticaria that flares up furiously when it rains, or when the sun sets! Then, I am also bugged by the annoying contact dermatitis.

I imagine that there are mini troops on 24/7 alert standby mode under my skin. When something they don’t like gets in contact with the skin, they attack in full force! Of course, I don’t think they are very smart in distinguishing the enemy from friend. Boo!

So, I bought a new pair of FitFlop, especially for the recent trip to Kota Kinabalu. Knowing the husband, he might just make me walk too much, so I’d armored myself with a comfortable pair of shoes. Only that, with any new shoes comes a tiny skin irritation; even the slightest bit of abrasion can cause a bad reaction by the blind army under my skin.

I wore the shoes for less than half an hour, and I got blisters on the second toes on the feet. So, I put on the plasters. It worked for me all the time in the past. Of course, that was before my skin decides to turn on me.

The result of the plasters is horrific! The skin army clearly dislikes anything to be pasted on the skin for prolonged period. What do they do about it, you ask? The skin army gives me boils and rash. No kidding, if you look at the photo – and yes, I have been told and laughed at many times for the odd-looking toes, so maybe you could just ignore the toes and zoom right into the rash – the ‘markings’ are on the exact spots where I had the plasters on!

The skin rash is beginning to hurt due to the swelling. It looks disturbingly disgusting because the areas are ‘crusted’. It is really a large pool of mini, regular, and giant boils/blisters coming together. The ‘clean’ fact is that nothing is really falling off/secreting from the rash.

I have applied different types of creams, prescribed, off-the-counters, and those given by friends, but to no avail. I think only the Advantan cream seems to be working, or not. I am not sure really. It was better this morning after I applied the cream last night. It is beginning to redden and hurt now in the afternoon when the temperature is warmer. Maybe it’s a combined case of urticaria and super dermatitis?

I try to find humour in every situation, and in this case, it is purely insanely hilarious that I am imagining a battle with the skin army that is most unlikely exists.

With a friend’s recommendation via Facebook, I ordered a jar of California Calendula cream online and I hope it reaches me sooner than later. Accordingly, this cream works well with eczema and other skin conditions.



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