Perfectly Imperfect

The goal is not to be perfect; the goal is to be accepted for the imperfections.

Week of Salads, Fruits and Vegetables

I have always been a salad person. My good friend used to say it’s very ‘cheap’ to feed me, just give me the greens. It turns out, I love the greens, but I do prefer greens with seeds and nuts.

I used to make salad on my own, when I insanely in love with caesar salad. Sadly, I only love the perfect dressing, not any of the off the shelve caesar dressing is good enough. Soon, I outgrow it. Ah well, at least I gave that obsession for a good decade or two.

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Now that I have discovered how to do a homemade a tasty dressing, I am back with more salad, fruits, or veggies!

*Salad twist – spruce up the boring thousand island dressing with a sprinkle of apple cider, and a few pinches of sesame. Be adventurous!

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