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Weekend – Interesting Even for the Stay-Homer

Post-vacation is always a tad depressing. For you, it’s the going back to work. For me, I desire to work, but I am a little all over the places now, so I might need to refocus and I will be able to get more things done.

Even for the stay-homer, my weekend hasn’t been bored. I am still time-starved. I want to finish blogging on the recent vacation, and the overdue Chiang Mai vacation (only blogged up to day 5); I want to roll out the new design, but I have so much to do now.

While my thoughts fizzled out, I saw thick smokes from a building that is quite a distance from where I live. Suddenly, I remembered that I have a far distance lens, so I quickly changed out and snap photos of it. Have no idea what happened, but I hope no one got hurt. It fire was put out very quickly though.

Today’s weather is hot, I hate to have to turn on the air-con in the day, but with a west-facing room, my skin itches when it gets too hot (or humid). In view of the hot weather, the salad that I made for myself was welcoming and refreshing.

I am going to work a little more later, after I blogged on the Day 4 in Kota Kinabalu.

I hope you weekend has been great!

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