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Cut Your Own Hair – Hair Cutting/Texturizing Scissors | Product Review

I know it sounds crazy, but I haven’t been to my hairdresser’s for probably 2 years now. I might be one of the most particular people when it comes to hair. When I kept short hair, I went to the hairdresser every 2 months because I cannot stand out-of-shape hair. When worked in the retail industry, I was rated 5/5 for grooming, ‘your hair is always perfect!’, the manager said.

The truth is, even when I kept short hair, I trimmed my sides and bangs myself after one month.

I have very fine hair, and sadly not a lot of it. That means I get limp and lifeless hair if they are not texturized – or layered. Texturized hair is not just for the thick haired people, the tweety bird’s like mine can use some texturizing to give a bit of volume. See, when your hair is of one same length, it tends to weigh down flat. I imagine that should look sleek and elegant if you have thick but tamed hair.

I am not a fan of hair rebonding, I am the old-schooler. I find rebonded hair a tad too unnaturally straight to the ends, hey, but that’s just me. Then, it’s my crazy order schedule, and my ‘out only once in a few months’ routine, keeping long hair seems to make better sense.

It started this way. Whenever I am out of the apartment, that precious day is usually also a date with the husband, it also is a day to run whatever errands that must be ran by myself. I dread to spend the precious few hours seated in the salon to get the hair done. Solution? I cut my own!

Either I am doing hell of a great job with the DIY cutting, or I am just less particular with having a perfect hair. Whatever reason, I am quite happy the way it is now.

I have been cutting my hair using my favorite stationery scissors from Muji. Since I am doing this more often now, I decide to get a better and ‘proper’ pair.

I found the hair cutting and texturizing scissors at super cheap and affordable prices!

The Products

Sawayaka Hair Cutting Scissors & Texturizer

It reads, Sawayaka 1974, Designed by Japan, Made in China. Oh well, you know how things work now, I bet 80% of the things in my apartment is made in China, licensed or not.


With the low price, it is only realistic to have moderated expectation that it works, but not to compare with the professional’s pair that cost hundreds of dollars. The grip is fine but definitely not refined to details.


The texturizer works just fine, but it is not as sharp as you might like. It can ‘bite’ on some of your hair in some of the sections of the ‘teeth’. That said, it does a decent job. The flat scissors works fine too, and the weight of both scissors are just right.


These will be great for parents who cut their children’s hair; it is also great for a quick fix for outgrown bangs and sides.


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