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Leaders InSolution Masks – Stock Up! | Time Sale – 9pm to 3am

I know it sounds crazy, but I am liking the Leaders InSolution and Mediheal masks a lot. I just received my restock of 12 Vita Bright masks, but I am ready to stock up tonight!

I said it before, I’ll say it again, accordingly, Mediheal and Leaders InSolution are similar if not identical in ingredients. In one of the seller’s replies, the seller mentioned that they are just different brands. I find both the same, so just go for the cheaper offer on this promotion if they have the same types.

There is a time sale for the masks tonight from 9pm to 3am; I am going to stock up more! The base price is S$0.50, and depending what you are selecting – I highly recommend Mela-tox, collagen, platinum, vita bright, and placenta, if you have troubled skin, you might want to stock up AC dressing and tea tree too – the final price may be more, but it is still very good price range.

Tips on successful purchases and savings:

  • Click through the link (that is the seller that is running the promotion)
  • Read through the item description to evaluate what you need, select what you want to buy (use the multiple option on the right that is scrolling as you move down), add to cart
  • DON’T check out now, wait till after 9pm, and be sure to clear your cache of your browser, refresh and confirm that the base price has changed to S$0.50 as advertised.
  • Once the prices are updated, check on your cart to see if you need to adjust the quantity of each type of masks. Once you are satisfied with your selection, you  may proceed to check out now.

#Note that for time sale, you are not able to apply your coupon, since the prices are usually very attractive already. In my experiences with this seller, they tend to change the add-on prices too, so be sure it’s really worth the saving, otherwise, you might as well wait till the promo is over and use your coupon instead. In addition, there are several types of masks that the seller may have overstocked, those are usually sold at really low prices. Shipping fee varies too, I noticed that the seller adjusts the shipping fee from time to time, but the highest I have seen is $1.00 (up to 22 pieces of mask), which is really still very cheap.

Good luck with your purchase!

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