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Osulloc Lovely Rose Green Tea

This week is one of the most unproductive weeks. Tomorrow will be my fourth visit to the National Skin Center within the span of 10 days.

I don’t take the husband for granted, he doesn’t have to bring me to the clinic, although I would really be quite stressed out with the transportation, but it is not his job to accompany me to NSC for non-emergency medical attention. I am very thankful that he is willing to take time off his busy schedule to do this for me.

We both deserve a good cuppa tea! Except that he prefers Earl Grey now.

We were about to leave home for lunch in prior to the appointment at NSC, and the postman came with 2 packages! I ripped off the packages quickly, and found a lovely surprise! Lovely rose green tea from Wan, a very dear friend.

I didn’t have time for anything ever since I had the test patches on my back which caused me much discomfort. Then, I wanted to use as much time left to work on the orders; I’d love to stay on schedule.

Today is Singapore’s 47th birthday, and it’s a public holiday. Not that it makes much difference to me, since I still work, but it does feel like I can slow down the pace for a bit.

I made the tea for the husband and myself after lunch. He had junk food – airfried wings, nuggets, and frieds; I had my fruit salad (that’s right, I wasn’t tempted at all!). My lunch was perfect after the laborious housework – which was really just vacuuming and mopping the floor.

I love the pretty dried rose petals and leaves in the pyramid sachet! The tea is fragrant with a hint of rose, and leaves a light aftertaste. Some green teas are ‘sharp’ on tongue, and leaves a sappy aftertaste; this doesn’t.

I found the Osulloc website, but it’s all in Korean, so it’s very challenging to navigate the website, let alone buying. I found another seller on Qoo10, but variety is very limited.

I guess I will want to visit the museum when I get to visit South Korea.

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