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Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence | Product Review

I have fine long hair, not a lot of it, but with the layering of the hair, it is prone to the ‘flyaway’ look. I was using a salon grade hair serum, which was really good, but it doesn’t really benefit hair other than giving the gloss.

For fine hair like mine, I am careful with using too much of the product as it can make the hair look limp and lifeless. Skinfood argan oil has thick consistency (like most hair serum), what I do is to add a few drops of water and rub them in my palms. I am careful to just apply on the ends of the damp hair, and use the fingers to run through the mid section down. That way, the upper part of the hair doesn’t get too much product. Be careful not to apply to the root of your hair, I would definitely avoid the top section of hair unless you are looking to achieve a greasy style.

This works best with blown dry hair; but I use it daily after hair wash, just that I use it very moderately. When the hair is half dry, I use kitchen towel to lightly rub the ends to rid of any ‘lumping’ of product that I might not have distributed evenly.

Can’t say for now if it does other great things as it claims on the hair, but I like that it really smooths the hair.

Product: Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence

* Argan oil is pressed from the nuts of the Argan trees which are under protection of UNESCO. Essential fatty acids, vitamin E, squalene, and other nutrients of Argan oil supplies full of nutrients and moisture.
* No parabens, No alcohol, and No artificial dyes
* Argan oil of the essence provides full of nutirtion and moisture, and makes silky hair from dry and damaged hair.

Packaging: 100ml



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