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Stylus Pen for iPad/tablet/iPhone | Product Review

I don’t really need a stylus pen, in fact, I don’t need a lot of things. I want some things, many things? See, I work from home, even the dermatologist whom I saw today, unconsciously raised his brows today when I was quick to respond that I am hardly out, as in only once in a few months.

I bought the stylus pen anyway, because I have downloaded a new app on my iPad – Color Effects. It is a like a quick cheat to achieve the selective color effect (whereby the background is grayscale and only specific areas are showing colors). I know, it works perfectly with using finger, but I thought it would be easier with stylus pen, yes?

That’s the reason – almost justifiable – to my ‘well’ considered buying decision!

I chose the ‘slimmer’ that comes with an attachment to plug into the earphone’s jack. I was considering between Slimmer, or Crayon. I read that Crayon is heavy and bulky, so I decided to go with Slimmer.

– Length = 8 cm, Weight = 11g
– Come with a pig-tail plug to attach to iPhone’s earphone jack
– Available in Purple,Light Blue,Green,Black,Silver,Light Purple,Red,Orange,Pink


+ Very affordable, I paid only S$4.00 (including postage) for the pen

+ Sleek and clean design, just the way I love it

+ Reasonably good quality; exceeding good if you weigh quality against price, that is


+ A tad short, I like longer pen, that will sit between the thumb and index finger to gain some leverage and control of pen stroke (yeah, I am really very particular, and not that I write beautifully to begin with). Then again, I remembered why I didn’t choose the other designs. They are too glamorous for me; I also only want the stylus pen as stylus pen. I have unfounded worry about leaked pen or something. 😛

+ Stroke pressure sensitivity* – I was expecting that it will pick up lighter strokes too

*I asterisk this because I had not used stylus pen before this. I have a Wacom Intuos tablet, which is well-known for the highly sensitive stroke pressure. So, I had probably set an unrealistic expectation there. Again, I didn’t know what to expect, and the closest comparison was to another pen/tablet. 😛


Overall, it is value for money! At least for my case. I seriously don’t need a stylus at all. It works perfectly fine and writes great on Bamboo (app by wacom), you can see ugly handwriting – which is already nicer than my usual handwriting – on the last image.

I ordered my pen here:

It’s been a very busy week, with a new design launch for my amigurumi dolls, and doctor’s consultation, and everything else. I have a few products to review – Secret Key snail toner and cream, Hera Daily Sun protection, and this will blow your mind out of whack – hair cutting and trimming scissors!!! Yes, I do buy anything and everything online!

Call me DIY queen, I will accept the honor in a heartbeat. What? You don’t know yet? I DIY my own makeup and hair for my wedding, wedding invites, wedding favors and if I can sew, I would sew my own wedding dress!! Of course I cut my own hair too!


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