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Weekly Salad

How many fruits do you eat in a week? It’s one in many months for me in the past. It is ridiculous, but it’s true, I was too busy for fruits, at least I thought so.

I am replacing dinner with fruit salad now because it’s actually quite easy to prepare, and it’s yummilicious! I look forward to evening now, because I look forward to having the fruits.

It is a good decision as my weaker digestive system is happier with the easily digested fruits, a plate of high fiber and vitamins.

I am getting slightly more adventurous with my fruit choices. I disliked kiwi, I still do if taken alone. Kiwi, like pineapple, ‘bites’ into my tongue, and I am greatly uncomfortable with that. Each bite was a challenge. Now that I have the fruits in a mixed platter, and add some fresh juice (like wheatgrass + vegetables/fruit from the fresh fruit juice section of the supermarket, I don’t make them, seriously, I really am busy).

Adding the nuts and seeds allow you to spend more time chewing. You know how we have been ‘trained’ to swallow food at record time so that we could use the remaining of our one hour lunch time to shop? (Ok, you have to know that I am stating that out of the context of most regular working people, I hardly did that even when I was employed – I am now self-employed – because I prefer to lunch in to avoid the heat and crowd during lunch hour)

With the seeds and nuts added to your salad, you tend to want to chew them, so that helps spread the time from one bite to another. It could be just me though. I actually spend more time eating salad than other regular meal.

If I had more fridge space, I would go for papaya, watermelon, honeydew, this, and that. Alas, our fridge is fully loaded all the time. 😛 I go with the smaller sized fruits such as sharon fruit (persimmon), pink guava, pears, orange, apple, kiwi etc. Dragon fruit would be a great choice to add in too!

Have a great weekend, while I grab some time to work on orders before the Aircon maintenance guys come in the late afternoon to conduct the regular servicing.

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