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Etude House AC Pink Powder vs Innisfree Anti-Trouble Spot R

I received a sample of Etude House AC Pink Powder Extreme (for acne and trouble spots treatment). The bottle contains 2 parts of contents – clear solution, and a pink powdered form at the bottom. I assumed that it was meant to be shaken to mix the contents before use, so I gave it a good shake. I wasn’t going to use it then, just an ‘instinct’ to shake it up.

Then, I decided to search for the product in English instruction, and the word ‘DO NOT SHAKE’ stood out!

Product – Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot +extreme

Decription – Formulated with Sulfur Powder (anti-biotic), Salicylic Acid, and Hinoki Cypress extract. AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot soothes, heals, and brightens with a medicated formula. Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested. ‘Non-Comedogenic’ means it will not aggravate acne. AC Clinic line is formulated without acne inducing ingredients to promote clear skin.

How to Use : Do not shake bottle. After facial cleaning, allow powder to settle at the bottom. Perpendicularly dip cotton swab into bottle to draw powder from bottle. Use swab to dab trouble spots and acne with swab tip to coat with powder.

*Use in the night, before sleep; unless you don’t mind the patchy spots on your face when you go out.

The Missy’s Say:

Scent: Does smell a tad bit like sulfur

Texture: Chalky moist that dries to powdered coating

Sensation: Stings a little on broken skin

Effectiveness: I think it’s super effective. I had a zit on the cheek, and applied this last night, woke up to find the zit reduced in size quite drastically.

Just be mindful not to ‘double-dip’, instead, use the other end or a new cotton swab to dip into the bottle if one dip is not enough.

*I also have the Innisfree Anti-Trouble Spot R & W (reviewed previously); this can be compared to the Spot R (blue color). Personally, I find the Etude House AC pink powder more effective and dries quicker than Innisfree Spot R.

However, I like the Innisfree Spot W (white color) for minor trouble spots, which is also suitable to use in the day. Spot W is non-drying, so and is suitable for more frequent use without drying out your skin.

** I believe there is an ‘upgraded’ version to the AC Pink powder, it’s now called Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot, which comes with free gift of cotton swab and AC clinic water **

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