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Happy Early Birthday to Me | BelLeeBeadz

I am organizing a Charity Fundraiser, in collaboration with various indie artists, and most of the items are submitted to me through mails. Belinda of BelLeeBeadz.com, who is also one of the participating artists gets to enjoy a special courier service – Pony Express aptly named after the nickname of my husband.

The husband visits one of his clients’ office every week, and Belinda happens to live near the area.

I jotted down ‘pick up a gift for Belinda’ in the to-do list when we were out on Friday for my doctor’s appointment.

Today is the day that the Pony Express has arranged to pick up the items from Belinda, and I planned to surprise Belinda,whose birthday falls in early October. What do you know, some things are contagious!

The husband came home with the package, and I found a little surprise for myself! My birthday month is October too. 😀

A pair of gorgeous earrings! I love the milky stone, simple yet versatile.

Thank you, Belinda!

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