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Herbalife Products

So, mum was persuaded to pay for a membership fee in order to buy Herbalife products at member’s price. This was many months ago. As usual, I have been busy, and I really didn’t want to get involved in this sort of distributorship business and shopping – bad experience of being harassed by distributors.

Anyway, I didn’t try the product(s) until slightly more than a week ago.

Mum had this canister of chocolate flavored Formula 1 shake powder on the tabletop forever, and something must have gotten into me that day, that I decided to give it a try! What do you know, it’s delish!

See, starting on the right foot makes a lot of differences. Mum mixes her drink with fruit juice – chocolate shake with orange juice, go figure! I had my first shake with HL milk, and it’s really tasty! I like a good milk shake you know, this is just nice, not too creamy.

I decide to incorporate this into my new weight management routine – which is ongoing for..ever! I figure this could fit better into my lifestyle, since I have been crazy busy for a long time now, and I really could use the freed-up time for more tasks (such as doing this post?).

For weight loss, it is recommended to replace 2 meals with the shake, which is by the way, purrrrfect for me. I need as much time I can get in the day to work on orders, so it’s time saver to just have the shake instead of fixing a simple meal – which involves washing this, that, and everything else!

Anyway, I decide to continue this for at least 3 months before I decide if it works. With that in mind, I decide to hoard some stocks, and I am not going to my mum’s ‘up line’ who kind of ‘cheated’ my mum of the referral fee for referring my uncle. Further, the membership discount is not as great as what I have found!

I bought here:

Singapore (membership price) vs Qoo10 seller from South Korea (no membership required)

1. Packaging/size –

+ Formula 1 shake – Singapore’s canister size is 550gm; South Korea’s (and other distributing countries) packaging is 750gm; difference by 200gm (36%)

+ Herbal tea – Singapore’s bottle size is 50gm; Qoo10’s 100gm; difference by half! (50%)

2. Price

+ Formula 1 powder – Singapore’s membership discounted price – S$60-ish; Qoo10’s seller price S$49 (I actually paid an average of S$37 after offsetting from item discount coupon and overall cart discount coupon) – Savings S$11 if no further promotion – technically, you save an extra 36% off the regular discounted price already due to the size difference; Savings S$23 (+S$21.60) for my purchase.

+ Herbal tea – Mum paid S$60-ish for the 50gm herbal tea; Qoo10 seller’s price at S$60, I bought the 100gm herbal tea at Qoo10 for S44 (note that I use item discount, plus special cart coupon (20%) which is not always available), even without the special 20% cart discount, I would still be able to offset with at least $10 cart coupon (I have exchanged the points for Gold membership coupon on Qoo10) – Technically, you save S$60 even without coupon offset because you are getting 100gm bottle; Savings S$16 (+S$60) for my purchase of bigger bottle

+ Aloe Vera concentrate – Mum paid about S$55 with her membership discount for original flavor (she hates it!); Qoo10 seller sells at S$47.50, I paid for the mango flavor (not available in Singapore; mum is loving it!) at S$42 (with item discount and cart discount) – Savings S$7.50 if no further promotion, and you get the mango flavor; Savings S$13 for my purchase 

3. Delivery

I am guessing it’s just a day or a few days for the local distributor to arrange for collection or delivery; I get upgraded free EMS delivery when I ordered 2 canisters of formula 1 powder and another item, delivery was 3-4 working days (minus the SingPost screw-up, which is now ‘fixed’ as they promised).

Plan ahead – Korean mail can take up to 3 weeks – if you are getting the regular mailing service, and you will be just fine. Weigh your options.

Go do your math! Now, unless you are interested in converting this into a business, it’s a no-brainer for me, I want the immediate cost-saving. 😛


Disclaimer: QuirkyMissy has no beef with the distributorship system, so please enroll for the membership with your local distributor if you wish, QuirkyMissy is just providing an alternative for those, who don’t care for the distributorship/membership and commission.  

Also, QuirkyMissy is not a nutritionist, do consult your nutritionist or medical professional if you are on special diet or have some health conditions, before trying any weight management program. 

11 comments for “Herbalife Products

  1. Janice
    January 8, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    Hey…..did u noticed that in sproe, the F1 is DUTCH chocolate…while in Korea….the one you bought from Qoo10 is chocolate only. I tried and it’s different taste.
    Also do you think the one in Qoo10 is geunine?

    • January 8, 2013 at 2:08 pm

      Hi, I believe it’s authentic because only the Singapore/Indonesia (and possibly this side of the region) has a repackaged contents of 550gm canister of the shake. On the USA site, including Korea, the canister is 750gm, and the flavors are consistent to what offered in USA.

      The official Herbalife Korea and USA website shows consistency in product types.

      For the Dutch Chocolate, I am not sure; I know for sure the French Vanilla is the Singapore’s version and it’s just vanilla for Korea’s. I prefer both the Chocolate and Vanilla from Korea’s. My mum bought the Singapore’s version first, I find both flavors too strong and sweet. For Korea’s version, the taste is milder and much less sweet.

      I cannot guarantee the authenticity, but I am quite confident of the seller that I recommended here.

  2. michies
    February 22, 2013 at 3:50 am

    so after trying the korea ones, did you like loose any weight? the sg ones are frreaking to ex and i am only a student with like 400 bucks per month and their monthly package is 399 & 499 -.-

    • February 22, 2013 at 10:54 am

      I think the package works better. I have lost some weight, but I can’t credit all to herbalife. Appropriate exercise (brisk walking is really good!) There is always a psychological hurdle to cross over. Always know that the shake is a full meal, but we are used to chewing solid food as full meal, we may miss the ‘chewing’ part and end up snacking. I believe you will gain weight if you are not careful, and think the shake is just liquid and get drained out of the system.

      The package has other stuffs that will help you curb with cravings, and help you feel fuller for a longer period.

      • michies
        February 22, 2013 at 11:51 am

        Thanks for your fast replies! Its really helpful in making my next decision to continue on. Thanks alot!

        and also may I know what are the supplement products you are taking? There are so many for a start.

        • February 24, 2013 at 10:14 am

          I am also taking green tea extract, great antioxidant, and green tea is known to help with weight management.

          My other supplements are not exactly targeted on weight loss. When we are trying to lose weight, we must ensure that we do this healthily, yes? I am taking Omega3 supplement (heart support), food based multi vitamins (rainbow light) for women, liver detoxifier (Now Foods).

          Still, fit in the exercise regime into the weight loss program (herbalife), and that should yield better results. 😉

          • C
            January 1, 2017 at 11:27 am

            hi, i’m also taking the rainbow light daily together with omega 3 and calcium carbonate. Is it safe to add in the liver detoxifier as a daily supplement?

          • January 1, 2017 at 5:40 pm

            I am not trained in nutrition, so I am not sure if I am equipped to provide you with the best advice. However, I believe the liver detoxifier doesn’t conflict with the rest of the supplements. From my shallow knowledge, the supplements that we take are flushed out from our system if we are taking excess. Liver support supplements help to support the liver function, and liver works no matter what. I am taking liver detox to lessen the burden of my liver because I really eat junk food from time to time and also I used to drink alcohol daily, so my liver has to work much harder. I still take the liver support supplement, because of the processed food (and foods today might contain chemicals unknown to us) that I eat.

            I hope that helps. I am also taking omega 3 (very important healthy fat for brain).

  3. Bernard
    July 19, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    I bought from ebay straight from USA, although it would take longer for delivery but it is still cheaper and better than those selling in Singapore; due to the MLM structure. including shipping i bought 2 formula 1 (750g) for $55 each.

    • July 19, 2014 at 8:15 pm

      Sounds like quite a good deal there! I am more vigilant when buying on ebay pertaining authenticity, but not to say that Qoo10 doesn’t have similar problem. I bought from ebay too, after substantial research and read up on the seller.

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