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Opal Hair Treatment, Yanagiya Anti-Grease Shampoo, Avon Daily Shine Capsules | Product Reviews

After taking photos of my hair, I realize that I badly need a haircut.

I have a genetic problem with hair color – premature grey hair, since a small child. I have been coloring my hair forever, and because of that, I take great care of my hair with treatments (mostly from home, as I am really uncomfortable with the small talks in hair salon while waiting for the hair to be done).

I also have greasy scalp which can lead to hair fall if not careful. I have been using Dove Oil Care series; whilst the shampoo seems to do just fine, the conditioner shies in performance.

So, I bought a few hair products!

Opal Intensive Repair (1-min) Hair Spa Mask
Suitable for damaged, permed, colored, rebonded hair and all kinds of chemically treated conditions. It is also effective and ideal for those with dry, fried, or damaged ends that requires deep nourishing treatment.

Avon Daily Shine Capsules
Get up to 93% more shine! Designed to bring out radiant hair shine for a sleek, long-lasting finish. Conditions to leave hair soft and shiny.

18 capsules in 1 Jar, each capsule can use up to 2-3 times depending on usage. Helps tame frizz and makes your hair smooth.

This is a leave on treatment, no rinsing needed. Use after towel dry hair or on dry hair and feel instant smoothness and softness on hair immediately.

Yanagiya Anti Grease Shampoo
For both men and women suitable for Oily Scalp and Hair for deep cleansing of hair follicles as shown in the program 女人我最大

[The Missy’s Say]

Price: Paid S$11.80 for each of item (note that most stores list a ‘base price’ and add on different prices for different products selected)

Yanagiya Anti Grease Shampoo
Not very foamy, to massage scalp for 3-5 minutes. A little menthol scent. It feels clean after wash.

Opal Intensive Repair (1-min) Hair Spa Mask
Creamy, just like any other hair treatment/conditioner. I applied on hair, but a distance from the scalp. It has a very strong scent (but I am taken ill for days now, and the congested sinus doesn’t help with sniffing out the scent) like those you get from Professional Salon. Love the immediate smoothness!

The hair is so smooth after it dries. Love it!

Avon Daily Shine Capsules
I applied on dry hair, to see how it deals with the flyaway – see the last photo above. See, the Opal treatment mask has done most of the job already, so I can’t tell for sure if I can credit fully to the Avon daily shine for the somewhat tamed hair. That said, the serum dries very quickly, leaving no stickiness or oiliness.

If you have short hair, you may want to empty the capsule into a small travel jar so that you can use for 2 more times. You don’t need plenty to get it to work.

Final Verdict:
I love all of them, and already planning to get the hair tonic (Yanagiya) too. I hate greasy hair, and if this works, it will be well worth the price.

I bought here:

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