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Reed Diffuser | Product Review

I have always loved aromatic essential oils, I supposed most women do. I used to love sandal wood scent very much, but for some weird reasons, I develop migraine with that scent. A tad too strong for me, perhaps?

Now, I stay clear of anything ‘woody’, or too musky.

I love Green Tea scent, it doesn’t exactly smells like green tea, but a fragrant version of refreshing scent, and perhaps a light hint of green tea.

The first time I saw a reed diffuser was at Natural Olive Oil Factory – Margaret River, Perth, but after we were too tired to enjoy anything, I wasn’t even too excited with the diffuser. Then, we went to House of Honey – Swan Valley, Perth, at the later part of our trip and the friendly bees keeper aka owner, showed us all the nice things in the cozy shop, and I bought the diffuser!

I’ve been wanting to get another, but I noticed that the reed diffuser and anything that states ‘essential oils’ on the label in Singapore, is overpriced! Fine, maybe not overpriced, since it could be due to the higher import fee or some sort of licence or something. It’s just not as affordable to me.

Alas, I found one that is quite reasonably priced.

I am considering mixing my own diffuser refill. I am ordering the base oil and essential oils from USA and will try out the ‘recipe’. If all goes well, I will blog about it, and the source to get the supplies.

Meanwhile, you can get the diffuser and refill here:

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