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Secret Key Snail + EGF Repairing Essence | Product Review

Right, I am liking Secret Key Snail line a little too much? I have been using the Secret Key + EGF repairing cream and toner for a while now, and I have just ordered the refill. (See, it ships from South Korea and can take up to 3 weeks to reach Singapore at times, and I am left with slightly more than half a jar of cream and toner. Better be early than late, yes?)

I like the products very much, but I still have dry patches at the side of the cheeks, so I want to treat it with the essence.


Secret Key Snail + EGF Repairing Essence 50ml


Skin restoration; brightening effect; moisturizing; protect skin; maintain elasticity; for all skin types.

Recommended for people with:

Acne; scars; lifeless skin; who hate stickiness and shiny patches; dry skin; skin that is losing its elasticity; sensitive skin


Snail Slime Extract together with EGF (Cell Regeneration Factor), its main funtion is to act as a skin stain remover, healing and repairing wounds and scars. It also boosts your skin’s ability to stay hydrated and bright.

Main Ingredients:

Snail slime extract, tremella fuciforms extract, rice extract, caviar, human oligopeptide, macadamia seed oil.


Apply appropriate amount of essence and smooth gently over skin to impregnate and absorb.

[The Missy’s Say]

Application: Wash and dry face -> snail toner -> snail essence -> snail cream -> Hera sunmate daily -> MD formulations eye cream

Scent: Very faint scent of soap-like smell, but disappear once the essence is absorbed

Texture: Gel-like consistency, sticky at first, but absorbs amazingly quickly leaving no traces of stickiness

Effects: I have only used a few times now, so there is no prominent result yet, but I am quite confident in Secret Key’s snail line. I have used many essence before, some leaving a sticky after-application touch, and that made me very uncomfortable.

(Philosophy’s Miracle Worker anti-aging concentrate is one of my favorite pre-moisturizer essences, it leaves a smooth and velvety feel after application, and improves the skin texture quite nicely)

I noticed though, that even after just 2 uses of Secret Key snail essence, the dry patches on my cheeks are better hydrated., but doesn’t make the skin more oily.

I ordered through here:

Along with the reorder of the cream and toner, I ordered the Secret Key Snail BB cream too, it was on a super sale that day at S$9.90, so I grabbed!

I am also interested to try their treatment essence, but I need to justify that thought for a bit. The pitera treatment essence is similar to SKII pitera essence, and I remembered my skin didn’t take it so well after half a bottle.


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