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Secret Key Stem cell Multi Triple BB Cream | Product Review

I am liking Secret Key more now, say, I am becoming a real fan. My snail cream and toner are finishing, so I ordered another set just in case they run out. I am also still on the search for a perfect BB cream. My favorite remains as Skin79 Hot Pink, but I would love it even more if it has lesser grey pigment in it – even though it does blends with my skin tone after a while, still… The search continues.

With the increased confidence I have with Secret Key, I ordered the Secret Key Stem cell Multi Triple BB Cream SPF30 together with the order.

Product – Secret Key Stem cell Multi Triple BB Cream

+ UV protection – SPF30PA+++
+ Radiant complexion – whitening expressed through the translucent skin whitening; the anti-wrinkle effect of adenosine
+ Excellent skin rejuvenation effects – grape stem cell promote skin regeneration; maintain healthy and smooth skin

1 shade only

[The Missy’s Say]

Creamy, easy to spread.

Lightly scented like regular foundation; not overwhelming.

Coverage: (See image for comparison)
I have Petechiae (pin sized red dots – said to be bleeding under the skin) on my arms, as well as a tiny mole. It makes perfect ‘canvas’ to paint the BB cream over.

Coverage is sheer and light, can pat in more on the areas with skin imperfections.

(click the image to load it on a separate page, on that page, click the image to view a larger version)

After touch:
Dries to touch quickly after application. (but do read on)

My skin color profile is NC15 – but possibly NC20 on my arm. Secret Key stem cell bb cream gives me a ghastly white appearance on the face. There is a strange hint of grey and pink hues, and it doesn’t go away even after hours. Unless you are NC5-10, this BB cream actually lightens your skin to 1-2 shades (for my NC15 skin). It gives an unnatural appearance.

Oil control is fine at first, as it dries matt; half an hour later, the skin starts to shine; an hour later, it’s shiny everywhere!

Staying Power:
Not great, it starts to disintegrate after an hour, perhaps due to oiliness.

Final Verdict:
Sorry to say that the verdict is Epic Fail! Definitely not repurchasing, and definitely not using it again.

I bought here:

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