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Secret Key SYN-AKE Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Cream | Product Review

So, I am a fan of Secret Key now – no, really, I am a fan, I have 2 new items added to the cart for the next check-out – because the prices are really attractive, yet it seems to have little impact on the product quality.

I have been given samples of SYN-AKE Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Cream for the past purchases. This is a mean product! I tried using the cream for 2 days – replacing the snail cream – and noted some noticeable improvements on the skin. I can’t tell if it helps with the wrinkles, since I don’t have many deep wrinkles yet, but I do have the annoying smile lines. I am assuming that with any wrinkle cream, it should take at least more days to achieve more significant improvements.

Product – SYN-AKE Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Cream

* Special functional approval of “Anti Wrinkle & Whitening” by KFDA
* Snake venom cream tightens wrinkled and sagging skin. Peptides with similar structure as snake venom will resolve your concerns on deep or fine wrinkles caused by face expressions.

Main ingredient
Synake(peptide), shea butter, caviar extract, adenosine, arbutin, vitamin E

* 5 FREE SYSTEM: No Mineral oil, No Benzophenone, No coloring, No animal oil, No animal test

To Use
* Apply proper amount of cream after applying emulsion in the morning and at night

What I really love:

1. Quick absorption, leaving a smooth touch

2. Very good oil control – I have oily T-zone and I normally wake up with a shiny face, but with the SYN-AKE cream, I woke up to a hydrated skin, yet non-oily.

3. Brightening – I believe there is brightening effect, because my skin looks clearer and brighter

Definitely! This is already added to my cart, ready to check-out! I will use this in the day while I keep the snail cream for night. I just think that ‘repair cream’ should be used during sleep? Further, the SYN-AKE non-oil feature is great under makeup – even though I don’t wear makeup that much now, since I rarely go out.

I will be buying from:

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