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Minimalist Belt for the Husband | Product Review

The husband adopts the minimalist style. Basic and clean look is what he embraces.

Like myself, he is not particularly wow-ed by the big brands with loud logos. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving your luxury products, it is really just a matter of individual preferences.

He owns some luxury branded products, but they are mostly gifts from me – am I not generous!! – but I always choose the collection that conceals the logo. I go for the workmanship – and really, some brands are just worth every penny! – and elegance of the design.

So, he needs (wants) extra belts to go with his work attire, and found The Cody House on Qoo10 – under a category that I don’t pay attention to, for obvious reason! He sent me the link and asked me to choose 2 belts for him.

The belts arrived in a week’s time after the order was marked ‘shipped’.

Side-tracking, 2-3 weeks are very reasonable shipping time if I choose ordinary mail, I have no idea why many local buyers think 12 days are unbearably long.

We chose one belt with a buckle that hooks through punched holes; another is a sleek hole-less belt (a neat mechanism that stops the from shifting). The latter came with a missing part – the most important part. After informing the seller, they responded very quickly and sent a new buckle immediately. I received the replacement within days – today.

The husband is quite happy with the belt, but be warned, the husband is very slim, so we cut off quite a bit to fit him; that said, if you are wearing size 34 and above, you will want to check with the seller if the belt is long enough.

We chose basic black leather with no stitches (more expensive); and a black stitched black belt.

We paid S$39.80 inclusive of S$12 shipping, for the two belts. Very affordable for rather good quality leather belts, don’t you think?

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