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Vanedo Masks – 25 types

I love sheet masks; they are convenient and mostly soothing. The sheet masks from Korean brands are especially delightful, and inexpensive.

I have just restocked some Leaders InSolution masks, and there was an irresistible promotion on Vanedo Masks, in which I paid S$10.77 (after offset from discount coupon) for 30 masks! A good alternating mask with my Leaders InSolution, Mediheal, Cortry Herbal masks!

I ordered all 25 types of masks, and extra of Syn-Ake, Red Ginseng, EGF to make up to 30 masks. I tried the Red Ginseng mask last night.


Smells like Ginseng!


Soaked in watery solution (Leaders and Mediheal are more sticky and gluey)


The mask is a little big for my face, but it’s acceptable.


It was a little stingy on application, especially around the upper lip area, but note that I have very sensitive skin, that could explain the skin reaction.


Said to have firming properties. I can’t tell for sure, I believe any firming skincare requires consistent usage to see result. The mask is hydrating though.

I ordered here:

[Repurchase Likeliness]

Probably, but I still have 24 other types to try out before deciding! It’s definitely a great buy when there is a good promotion on it though. Vanedo’s masks are definitely the more affordable range.

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