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The creative child is the child who has survived. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

D’Nail Palette Nail Art | Exclusive Deals for QuirkyMissy’s Readers!

I love all things pretty, don’t you? D’Nail Palette is extending attractive deals exclusively to QuirkyMissy’s readers!

Before I was a toy designer and crafter (keyword – crafter, it really means I work with my hands too much a lot), I was obsessed with pretty nails. Fingers are funny things, there is simply no way that you will miss looking at them at some point throughout the day. Pretty nails paint your mood happy, reassure and reaffirm your self-confidence, they are also silent messengers who say a great deal about your self-image.

Like a matching jewelry to your attire, nail art complete the package. Believe me, I stare observe other people’s nails all the time, poorly cared for nails don’t impress me much.

Now, the GREAT news!

D’Nail Palette is offering the following deals to you, exclusively!


Mention QuirkyMissy during booking to enjoy the following *EXCLUSIVE promotion:

A. Enjoy 10% off luxurious package of sculptured nail extensions + nail art (inclusive of manicure service)

B. Enjoy professional **Gel manicure service for just S$19.00 (U.P. S$30.00)!

*One-time use per customer

**Gel manicure includes shaping of nails, cuticle prepping, and finished with a generous dash of D’Nail Palette’s ONS cuticle oil!

[Service Menu]

Check out the menu at dnailpalette.com

For sculptured nail extensions + nail art package, you may either choose from their existing designs showcased on their website, or if you have a specific design that you like, simply whatsapp Phyllis with the image, and she will try her best to make it happen. (Did I not mention she is fabulously talented in creativity?)


Deals are valid till end of December 2012

[About D’Nail Palette]

D’Nail Palette is the brainchild of an aspiring young woman, Phyllis Wong. Although young, Phyllis strives to excel in her niche in creativity, in this case, put into great use in Nail Art.

Phyllis is a certified Nail Artist, trained in numerous well-known institutes specialized in nail artistry.


D’Nail Palette is a home-based salon that is conveniently located near Bukit Gombak MRT station (West side of Singapore).


Book early to avoid disappointment, you know how year-end is, Christmas, Dinner & Dance, Parties, Countdown…

Remember to mention QuirkyMissy during booking!

1. Book appointment through D’Nail Palette website

2. Book appointment through Text/Whatsapp to 81331321

All services are strictly by appointments only.

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Go say hello to Phyllis at their facebook page, show some love perhaps by Liking the page, share the cuteness with friends too!

The Missy’s say… (of course, I always have something to say, don’t I?)

Being an independent artist myself, I find it truly admirable that a young female has the courage to embark on a more challenging path, different from her peers.

I did studies just fine, if not quite well. The jobs that my academic achievements secured, provided a stable income, but do not satisfy the inner child in me who is still finding ways to express herself – the only way to be truly happy and live in contentment.

I understand the difficult truth that a person is often defined by the qualities in the salary packet and his qualifications awarded through the mainstream education. In my opinion, a person who dares to work a dream built in the air of perhaps the uncertainties, is a scholar of his life.

I support independent artists, and I hope you do too.


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