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iPhone 5 Cases – Guardian Angel

iPhone 5 is my first iPhone, not only that I am eager to protect the phone from scratches with BodyGuardz protector, I am also dolling up the phone pretty  with artful cases. I picked the ‘Guardian Angel’ design, because it has a special meaning.

See, the husband and I knew each other way back, but the love story begins with a heavy rain, and the display of his gentlemanly gesture to shield me from the rain.

He has been my guardian angel since.

The girl in the painting is blindfolded; I don’t see many things like you do, I lack the intuition in identifying the subtle and confusing hidden messages in the interpersonal relationship. I am almost blind to the complex social requirements.

The guardian angel holds an umbrella above the girl and shields her from the rain, keeping her safe, probably quietly. The husband protects me from the possible harm caused by the regular people. He takes away the standard social and marital obligations. Friends and family may not understand, and tongues may wag, but I am shielded from the harsh remarks which will otherwise play in my head repeatedly like a broken recorder.

I kid you not. I don’t visit, I don’t invite, I don’t meet, I don’t telephone. Yes, that brings to the point of my iPhone, I don’t use it for telephoning purpose, it’s just a handy and smaller version of my iPad, which is a smaller version of my iMac. In short, the phone is underutilized.

The iPhone Case:


It feels very velvety at touch; a very pleasant feel. It is coated with a layer of protectant, that makes it matte and velvety.

Scratch proof:

I am not going to lie, it’s new, I really can’t bring myself to sinfully scratch it hard. I ran my nail on the surface of the side with relatively moderate strength, including hard pressing the nail on. Amazingly, it leaves no scratch marks or impressions. That said, I believe the coating will wear off at some point, but I am not complaining, since the case is really inexpensive.


It’s a no brainer clip-on. Easy peasy.


It’s very light, so it doesn’t feel like adding any weight to the phone.

I paid S$6.40 for the case (just be careful when selecting the case in the option, because the seller lists the iPhone 4 selection in the ‘options’ even though this listing says iPhone 5 accessories)

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