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Red Alert! Fake Red Pomegranate Cleanser!

This is a Red Alert announcement (literally). There is this FAKE red pomegranate cleanser that claims to be used by celebrities to whiten their skin.

See, I have this problem with my arms. The left is at least 1-2 shades darker than the right. The right arm is the more accurate natural tone of my skin color. If you look at the photo, you may think it’s the lighting effect that caused the left arm to appear darker. The light was actually shone from the top – see the shadow casts. Yeah, so, the dark and fair, both are mine, sadly.

So, I searched for a whitening product with gentle bleaching agent to whiten my left arm, and I found the Red Pomegranate Cleanser. I did my research before buying – I always do – and found some promising reviews, so I decided to go ahead to buy it.

It didn’t work for me, and to be fair, I rarely used it – thank goodness, in retrospect. I have been working late, so I don’t have more time in the shower than I would like; resulted in skipping the extra step in whitening wash. With hindsight, I am really blessed! My stubbornness to only review and recommend products after substantial use, turns out to be a virtue. I have not reviewed nor recommended this product because I hadn’t been using it as regularly as I should.

By chance, I discovered that the manufacturer whose brand (mask.co.kr) has been blatantly stolen to market the fake cleanser, has put up an announcement pertaining to this product. They DO NOT produce the product, and have not licensed any company to manufacture either.

(View the full announcement by clicking the image)


  1. DO NOT use the product if you have purchased it. Even though I experienced neither improvement nor adverse reaction, it is recommended to DISCONTINUE use, since we don’t know what the Chinese manufacturer puts into the cleanser.
  2. Ask for REFUND from your supplier/seller
  3. SHARE this post on your social network, warn everyone!

I am not ashamed of being ‘conned’; I would be ashamed if I don’t share this information just to protect my bruised ego, and knowing that someone is using a possibly damaging product.

What I do everyday is to ensure that I go to sleep at night, every night. I dream every night, and I hope the dream will never be a manifestation of a conscience-smitten one.


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  1. yui
    April 2, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    you bought “Red Pomegrante”

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