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Space Saving Stepper for Quick Workout

shaping up for holiday

shaping up for holiday

I admit that I don’t have time (and energy) for a quick workout now. Work has been really busy. I know, it’s lousy excuse, but believe me, it’s truer than truth. I am beginning to stop work later these days, by the time I pack up the baskets of yarns and crocheted toys, it is nearly 9pm and I am so exhausted.

That said, now that the Charity Fundraiser has taken a back seat (sadly, that means that the balance Care Bags might never get sold), and once I catch up with the work schedule again (the fundraiser is more time-consuming than expected), I will slot in the daily quick workout.

Now, for most of us in the space constraining Singapore, we live in shrinking floor area apartments. There is simply no space for big gym equipments (I do want to have a treadmill for our home that is currently under construction), so the stepper is a good choice.

If you have tall bed, you can probably hide the stepper under your bed, but it won’t fit under most regular bed frames though.

I bought mine from Aibi, and it’s really sturdy. It cost me S$199, with 3 months warranty.

I found one on Qoo10, and I think it might actually be a better stepper than mine. The Aibi’s makes some noise when stepping (I assume it’s considered the ‘see-saw type’ as stated in this seller’s product page as comparison), it’s not loud noise, but I would prefer very quiet equipment, if not silence.

This Egojin stepper uses a ‘wire type’ pulley, that is said to be very quiet, and the wire is replaceable. Another highlight is the adjustable distance of the stepper.

The reviews are great too, so I am guessing it works really well.

If you are shaping up for the Christmas parties, company dinner and dance, or preparing for post Lunar New Year ‘damage’ control, and prefer to include an exercise regime at the comfort of your home, this probably a suitable choice.

It is definitely cheaper than what I have paid for, and if you are worried about warranty, don’t, because small equipments are basically not offered with sufficient warranty.

Remember to collect coupons and offset your purchases with them. 


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