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Stocking Up on Beauty Products | Secret Key, Skin79, Leaders InSolution

When the package arrived yesterday, the husband said, ‘Must be your skin care again’. Well, yes, I stock up, especially when there is a good promotion, or when the products are running low.

After using the trial size reviewed on my earlier post on Secret Key Starting Essence, I ordered not only the full size, but the promotional pack of 1+1.

It is much more affordable as compared to SKII, and more importantly, it agrees with my skin better than the latter. I am using it on the neck and hands as well – I tend to do that when the product is less expensive. Hey, I need to care for my hands too, for professional reason. I design amigurumi toys and offer the patterns for sale, so there are many photos in the patterns showing some parts of my hand. Surely that justifies using treatment essence on my hands, yes? (Maybe I should include this cost into business expenses?)

I will also soak a DIY mask sheet with the essence as weekly mask.

Leaders Insolution and Mediheal masks are my favorite. If you have followed my blog, you know I am becoming a mask junkie. I have blogged and reviewed on the following masks:

1. Leaders Insolution Masks

2. Mediheal Masks

3. Vanedo Masks

4. Cortry Herbal Masks

Leaders Insolution and Mediheal remain as my favorite (the two brands are really the same, accordingly, they are made of exact same ingredients, just different brand names).

So, I stock up the masks whenever the seller runs a promotion. Vanedo masks are really cheap, but they don’t work as well as Leaders/Mediheal. Cortry is my second favorite, except that there is an additional party – Peeka – involved in the buying process. It’s not too much a hassle, but I like to buy on Qoo10 because I have purchased the prime club coupon book (I buy regularly, it makes perfect sense to use my mileage to buy the prime club coupon book and use the coupons to offset my purchases).

I have used enough sample packs of Secret Key Syn-Ake cream to see positive results, so I bought the full size jar.

My search for the perfect BB cream is ongoing, but until I find the Queen of BB cream that suits me best, Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream is my top choice, and I ordered another bottle as the old one is running low.


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