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iPhone 5 Cases – The Romantic Rain Lovers

I don’t need iPhone 5 cases; I now have 2 iPhone 5 cases. Need and want are tricky to tackle with, or not.

So, after the Guardian Angel case – which I had to send back for exchange because I ordered the case for iPhone 4 by mistake – I ordered another ‘Romantic Rain Lovers‘ case.

The husband has 2 cases, it is only fair that I have 2 too, although it’s quite senseless because I put myself in a dilemma of which to use. I love both equally!

There is a romantic story behind my purchase of the Guardian Angel; there is a linked story behind the Romantic Rain Lovers too.

See, our wacky love story begins in rain. It would be closer to our story, if the boy holds the brolly while the girl runs for her life! The truth is that the husband usually lets me have the full shelter under the (tiny, foldable) umbrella while he runs ahead.

We have been married for nearly 6 years now, it’s nice to always retell how this bizarre relationship begins. Like building a successful business, the metaphor is similar. It’s easy to set up a business; keeping it going strong and steady is the challenging part. Relationship and marriage work pretty much the same, I think. It’s easy to create a spark between a couple; keeping the candle burning bright and steady is the challenging part.

Lucky for the boy, I have just the right memory space to remember details (except for numbers and dates), and I am hardly tired of repetition. I can tell the same story to same or different people very frequently, as though the event just happened.

So, if I bear a grudge, naturally, it means I remember it for-ever. What! I never said I was kind. The same rule applies to appreciation and affection. Just try not to get on my bad side, because I Remember!

[Venues to buy]

The 2 cases are bought from different sellers.

1. The Guardian Angel was from Qoo10;

2. The Romantic Rain Lovers from cases in the box.

The latter has offices in Hong Kong and China.


1. Delivery takes approximately 3 weeks.

2. Unbeatable price.

3. Quality is similar to Guardian Angel.

4. Easy clip-on

5. Supposed to glow in the dark, but mine is not really glowing that clearly. The glow is faint and fuzzy, then again, I don’t care about the glow. I don’t even go to movies anymore, so there is no one for me to flaunt the glow with.


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