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DIY Tips – Perfect Stamping, Everytime

I have always loved rubber stamps, and always will (I think). I wonder if decorative stationery represents a synthesis of cognitive and emotive meanings.

Personally, stamping is a desire to display sincerity in effort. All my life, I try hard, too hard, some people say. I don’t get understood by default; sometimes I wonder if I emit the scent of invitation to be misunderstood.

Stamping, is an expression that I truly put in an effort. Perhaps it’s a humble way to say, I genuinely care.

I think, in my mind, it translates into a real effort, since I actually have to pick up the rubber stamp, ink it, position, and stamp it.

I feel, in my heart, it strings a personal touch and expression, because I care enough to spend my time amidst of the tight work schedule, to decorate a simple note which is likely to end up in the trash bin right after the recipient read the scribbles on it.

I am always an annoying perfectionist. I love the affordable rubber stamps that I bought online, but the ugly corners drive me crazy!

So, I decide to do something about it.

I trimmed the sides close to the edges of the protruding stamping image. That way, every imprint is pretty with no over-inked corners.

I bought a few more stamps, and I love them to bits!

Buy them here:

The Ranger Archival ink has arrived, but I don’t have time to test out on different surfaces yet. I might do it after my vacation. I am trying to clear more work; then, I will catch up with rest and relaxation!


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